Sunday, January 29, 2017


I am quite often asked, "What is there to like so much in Ghats?"

And I choose not to answer. Rather I feel it all, how ghats are where one can watch so many variation merging together. You see a painter, a flutist, that amma selling those colorful handwoven toys, those packs of recurring travellers from every corner of the world, plenty of photo enthusiasts, cows and cats and dogs in all their glory, college kids utilizing their bunk, and amid them all, an observer. I sometimes love to be just that. Taking in the chatters and the silence, the sound of prayers from that temple a few ghats away, and that serenity on the face of that lady by the river, the aroma of that aloo tikki frying near by as people finish off their nth kulhad of tea and head towards the chaat stall. I feel it all, and choose not to answer.


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