Friday, December 22, 2017


I don’t know what is it gripping me. Nostalgia may be? Yeah, safe to label it that. This place always gleams with good memories. It feels home. Just not the one I want to stay back in anymore. I just happened to log in this sleepless night, and realised how it still makes me smile when I see how much effort I used to stitch each sentence. I don’t put even half of that anymore.
No, not writing this to hoard sympathy, though I am sure some could empathize.

This blog started as an experiment with life. To try and see if I have readers beyond those handful of friends and family. And it was one sweet success. I took home a lot many friends.
But gradually down the line it all started choking somewhere. Too much of anything bogs me down, and it did again. And subconsciously, I went on to relieve it, and there went all the thirst to pen my thoughts.

The blog now just remains a happy memory, I’d keep coming back to. And that which may even get washed away one day.
I sound like I just failed in life or something :D Well, this one’s just me trying to wave a Hi to anyone wondering if I still exist. I hope to, for long :)

P.S. It just felt so weird going through all the fonts to select. Man, it has been ages!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


I am quite often asked, "What is there to like so much in Ghats?"

And I choose not to answer. Rather I feel it all, how ghats are where one can watch so many variation merging together. You see a painter, a flutist, that amma selling those colorful handwoven toys, those packs of recurring travellers from every corner of the world, plenty of photo enthusiasts, cows and cats and dogs in all their glory, college kids utilizing their bunk, and amid them all, an observer. I sometimes love to be just that. Taking in the chatters and the silence, the sound of prayers from that temple a few ghats away, and that serenity on the face of that lady by the river, the aroma of that aloo tikki frying near by as people finish off their nth kulhad of tea and head towards the chaat stall. I feel it all, and choose not to answer.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Such a mess, Happiness.

Why is there always such a hype about Being Happy? Why don’t we just treat it as just another emotion? Not fair with all the others in count.
You are functioning normally, lying down on the couch, flipping through senseless TV channels, gobbling those delicious chooda-matar, when the cellphone goes *bling*
“Bio Psychology marks are out!”…and you gulp down the morsel down your throat. Wiping that little grease on the finger onto your pyjamas, you type “Why? Can’t they see us happy?”
And there, in a moment, you switch from a normally breathing chooda-matar eater to a panic stricken, sad…ummm..chooda-matar eater (why give up on the food, eh?)

What I actually tried to build up there is why can’t being happy come as easily as being sad, being heartbroken, being hungry, being sleepy, or Being Human (as they say) does!
In whatever way I can understand, I see it being exactly that easy. I mean don’t you just feel your senses take a jump when you hear your favourite song playing? Or when you are passing by a path in hills, and a view attracts you such that you keep straining your neck to look at it till it is out of your range. That, fellow human, is your Happiness. See, right there screaming to be noticed! In your mother's caress, in a baby's grin, in your lover's voice. Right there. :)
Actually, let me guess. What bothers is that it doesn’t stay. Well, that is what this whole living life is all about. Transitions in emotions. If not anything, we can be happy with the fact that not even sadness always stays? ;)

P.S. I was happy just about 10 minutes back that I am finally writing a blog after, what it is, centuries? Done with it. Now? :(
Also, Happy New Year, all of you there! Hope you have already broken all those resolutions.

P.P.S. For my class-mates reading this, no the marks aren’t out. Chill.

Till next time, cheers!

-Srishti :)