Friday, May 13, 2016

Reflections: A-Z Challenge 2016

I had been only slightly aware about the A-Z Challenge for quite some time now, it just so happened that I never attempted to go beyond my knowledge and actually take part in it, until this year.
So one day, visiting my blog after what seemed like ages, I came across a fellow blogger’s post on Theme Revelation for this year’s challenge. I promptly texted her and gathered whatever I needed to know about the challenge, and there I could see my blog breathing again!
Stating it all frankly, the very reason to sign up for this challenge was to refresh my blog. Plus, to write, something I had been away from quite long. Now, a little background check and you’d know that I am the last person on this earth you can expect to be punctual and completing a challenge. And I yet again proved the former, but at last I managed to complete the challenge. One winning moment that was! :D
Honestly, about a week into it, and I felt my inconsistency kicking in. A lot of times in the month, I failed to think of a topic in time. At the same time, a lot many ideas came up at unusual times. The latter gave me immense boost. I had decided I wouldn’t just write anything, I had to mean it. And so the delays. I surely can’t be certain that I’d take up the challenge next time too, but irregularity is the area I need to work upon, along with reading more blogs, something I was held back from doing due to reasons. Whatever little glance I managed to throw around the blogs, I was mighty impressed by the ideas and themes people came up with. Creativity is always influencing.

If asked about any suggestions regarding the challenge, I don’t really find myself fit for the response. I’d rather appreciate the effort that goes into engaging so many blogs. It is absolutely commendable. Also, it is such a good exercise without really getting into the stress of a competition.

The whole word-ly journey from A-Z was quite enhancing in a way that it made me renew my way with words. I discovered being good with expressing in a few lines. I really loved that.
All in all, A-Z Challenge is to be thanked for pushing me to write so much. In fact, it was during this time that I crossed my 100th post. Too soon, no? :P

Till next time,

-Srishti :)


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