Friday, April 8, 2016

#7. Guess Who?


She can be serene as a zephyr
And also emit the fury of fire
Guess who?

She’ll make you laugh with all her wit
And one wrong move, she won’t fear to slit
Guess who?

You’ll see her cry at the tiniest loss
Don’t forget her smile makes the world gloss
Guess who?

She seems the one to mellow to a soft tune
Her rocking self can make you swoon
Guess who?

She is that gold that comes in silver plating
Way beyond any scale of rating
Guess who?
It is You. And you have it all in you.

- Srishti

P.S.- There is a lot more I want to write to this. But instead of making it seem rushed, I’ll add to it later. For now, this was one random little piece that popped up as I came across the word ‘Guess’. And no. it isn’t some core feminist stuff. It’s just a thought.  


  1. Hey! I see now you're writing poems too! I really liked the thought and optimism behind this one. I admit to keep guessing till the end, and having a big smile and an 'Ah!' when I read it.

    1. When I can't really manage my thoughts enough to form a good write up, I come up with poems :D
      Thank you! :)

  2. Beautiful poetry . . . was worth waiting for the answer towards the end :)