Thursday, April 7, 2016

#6. Feel the Failure


They say success and failure are all a part and parcel of life, and one must not lose heart and cry succumbing to their failure.
I ask Why? Why won’t one cry? Failure comes only if you have conquered, and have put in your efforts to achieve something. Otherwise, it is just a result of a shallow try. And when one has put in their days, their time, intense vigour, and sweat, how can we expect them not to fall weak seeing the paradise they have woven with all their silent yearnings, crumble down at the final stage?
We are such practised pros when it comes to preaching advices. Reality dawns when we suffer a quake ourselves.
An so, as much as people deserve to be praised for the effort, let them feel for their loss and have a little time with it. Humans are moulded this way, and Congrats! You are human! Cry if you feel like, and let it all out. After all, Failure too needs its part of attention. Just remember Not To Give Up. And that done, the reminder for the next attempt is set i.e., 'How to avoid crying’. There, failure just worked as your check-list. Face it, feel it. Now, you can get up and resume trying!



  1. I'm glad you said it. These days it is so difficult to just cry, it makes me feel so bad! I really like what you say about failure--the result of having worked hard. This also reminded me of J.K. Rowling's famous speech on failure. Have you read/heard it yet? I love listening to it on some bad days. It's wonderful! And that woman is always so inspiring!

    1. No, haven't read it :( I'd definitely listen to it, now that you are telling me what it can do!

      And crying isn't bad!

      Thank you for stopping by :D