Monday, April 25, 2016

#20. Trust


Trust, a word weighing not even half of a dozen in count but carrying a lot more weight than that. Have you ever had it broken? How did it feel? A piercing clutch at heart, failing to fathom how to react, hoping it be to be a lie. Or something like that? For some of us, it is more than that. Trust is something that comes attached with love. You love someone, be it your beau, mother, father, brother, friend, or anyone for that matter, you don’t go on to announce it but subconsciously, in your heart, there gets a separate space of trust built for that person. When that space is disturbed, have hope for the love to remain, but that space, it is probable to stay void throughout life.
Think of it, would you like to live with that kind of a void. No, right? Then I guess you get that point.
When someone trusts you it isn’t just another “Oh why would he/she ever do that to me?” It is “I know he/she wouldn’t do that to me”. Breaking that means you are actually damaging your bond. Whatever path you two share in the future, it is never going to be the same. What can be harsher of an outcome is the person’s grilling turmoil in trusting anyone else.
Make sure you aren’t ever intentionally a reason for this scenario.

Help your bit in keeping some faith in trust.

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