Monday, April 18, 2016

#14. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game I came to know about through some TV show, and it sounded fun. Though the game has some rules and is played in a group, I thought to use the question for a little self-introspection (and time pass), and so here it goes.
All it is about is that there are some questions I have picked from various sites, that’ll be preceded with ‘Never Have I Ever’, and I am going to answer them  with ‘I Have’ or ‘I Haven’t’, and may be elaborate the I Have part a bit (that’s totally up to me :P)
Never Have I Ever:

1. Ran Away……I Have. As a child, I frequently used to run away from my house picking up my cycle, usually when I got scolded from mother, or had a huge fight with brother. My brother would immediately follow me and  I was mostly found in a specific nearby colony, ‘cause that was the farthest I could go :P

2. Given someone a fake phone number……I Have.

3. Got a tattoo……I Haven’t, unless the once that came with Boomer aren’t counted. :P

4. Done something I regret……Oh, plenty of times! More than blood, I have regret flowing in my veins.

5. Found out someone was talking about me……I have, every time my parents discussed what a hopeless case I am :’D

6. Cried myself to sleep……When it is about sleep, I only care about sleep. May be sometime as a kid.

7. Ran a red light……I haven’t. My city doesn’t have a traffic system xD

8. Set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose……I Have. Mine, just out of curiosity to see what happens. Don’t worry, it didn’t really catch fire :P

9. Shot a gun……Oh yes, those Moser Guns :P So no, I Haven’t.

10.  Been trapped in an elevator……I Have.

11. Fallen in love at first sight……I Have, and fallen out of it at the next sight, every time :P

12. Texted for four hours straight……I guess I must have.

13. Read a whole novel in one day……I Have. No big deal, right?

14. Eaten a piece of food that fell on floor……I Have. *looks for a place to hide*

15. Fallen down in public……I Have. That question can never be answered in negative, considering how clumsy I am!

16. Slept till noon……Any doubt? Yes, I have!

17. Had a manicure……Nope, I Haven’t. Why do we even need that? :D

18. Made all A’s in School……Ah, I Haven’t.

19. Been lost……Yes, but I was found soon. Wish that to be repeated…though no one’s going to search for me now. xD

20. Stayed awake for an entire night……Indian weddings make you do so (in most of the regions). Yes, I have!

Okay, so this didn’t go as great as I hoped, since most of the questions I found were way out of my league. But was fun, nonetheless. And I am surely hoping to play this soon, in real. Let me how you found it? Also, Never Have I Ever been able to be on track in a challenge, and so you see I am lagging behind in my A-Z Challenge. But I really hope to complete this one.

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  1. just happened upon your blog from the A-Z challenge. I got behind on a few posts and made them up today. Have a good one.