Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#10. Jigsaw Puzzle


We are all familiar with the concept of a jigsaw puzzle. In fact, more or less each one us has had their share of fun fixing it, sometime or the other. On that note, how can we forget the joy that follows every time a piece fit well in its place!
Our life, I think, is synonymous to a jigsaw puzzle. Clueless at first, we finally start from a point. We know nothing of what’s going to shape up ahead. Yet we have an idea, that picture of our tomorrow, buzzing in our mind. And thus, we march on to complete the picture. Snags appear, and there the picture goes wrong. But we can reset that, right? Just like with the Jigsaw. With time, we see the picture getting clearer. That is life shaping up, and telling where to we are on this journey. With the useless pieces tossed out, that completed puzzle is our life. And the end is, what they say ‘meant to be’. What the hidden note is, is that we are in charge of what would want our canvas to look like, and we are the ones giving it life.


“Our life, all in all, is like a Jigsaw Puzzle.
We get happy with each perfect fit.” 

- Srishti


  1. I like your thought process here. Also have you noticed how some of the pieces might be just there to complete the picture, whether or not we like them?

    1. You are absolutely right there. Just like I said 'meant to be' :)

  2. some jigsaws are simple, some very complex, some have a picture to guide the puzzler, others have tricky clues. Guess that is how life is. My life has always been straight forward, no major challenges or deviations from what I expected and what was expected of me. For others there are major challenges it seems. All the best with the rest of the AtoZ challenge

    1. And just like we enjoy the game of puzzle, we should find fun in the puzzle of life as well.

      Thank you :)

  3. What a unique perspective - applying the jigsaw to life.


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