Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kapoor & Sons- What? Go watch it, already!

This is supposed to be a movie review, but definitely not a trusted one. I mean, who gives reviews a week after watching the movie? Me, of course. But anyway, I have typed it down, and now that you have already clicked open the post, why not just read it till the end? *cheeky smile*
So, this movie- Kapoor & Sons (since 1921) had made me quite interested in watching it for few simple reasons. The trailers attracted me. It seemed to have an aura of contemporary coolness, minus the silliness. The songs.  Fawad (why is he such a gentleman!) was one of the leads. And Alia too. Eventually, after watching the movie, for some alien reasons I loved Siddharth more than these two. So basically, I wanted to watch the movie because I had judged a book by its cover. I am happy that I did.


The movie opens with a stunning sunrise scene of what seemed like a hill station. And there, my friends, yours truly fell…in love! I knew I was going to love what was coming. Few minutes into the scene, I fell again..this time laughing (not literally, though. Didn’t want to be thrown out of a public place). The real star, Daddu in the movie was cuteness overloaded. I can trade anything to have a member like him in my family. With him around, the movie had some on-point humour.
Further into the scenes, the grandpa gets a heart-attack and in a ‘what if its time’ way, his foreign residing (superhot) grandchildren are called down for a visit. But he doesn't die, in fact seems more pumped up. 
And then starts the story. The story of a family, it could be your family or my family too. What awaits is nothing like a spine-chilling thriller with gripping mysteries, but a simple story with some realistic revelations, where the parents have their usual banters, the brothers aren’t too sweet to be real, with each other, and the pet doesn’t take much of the footage. Ratna Pathak Shah plays the frustrated wife quite effortlessly, while Sid’s portrayal of a present-age conflicted (yet cute) guy was what I could relate too very well :D. And Alia though didn’t have much of a meaty role, but whatever the girl does even with the little parts makes me go fan-girling for her. And lastly, you'll love the show-stealer Publi!
Some revelations were actually predictable to me, but that depends on you. My brothers said I was overly intelligent :P But that doesn’t spoil the fun. You will laugh where they want you too, and may also cry if you can relate to the drama onscreen.

Spoiler: Dadaji still doesn't die :'D. Someone else....err...leave it.
Keeping it in the limit of a review than a whole thesis, I’d end with the point that the movie does not at all revolve around “the two brother falling for the same girl” synopsis that the newspapers have being giving out. It is much much more than that. Go out and give it your time, in case that was what was stopping you. And yes, the only disappointment was lack of scenic locations :(.
I just hope it’s still there in at least one theatre, so that my time (which I already waste a lot) put in writing this doesn’t go waste :|

P.S.: It’s already APRIL! Is it only me, or time is actually moving like an Express train O.O

Till next time,

Srishti :)