Friday, May 13, 2016

Reflections: A-Z Challenge 2016

I had been only slightly aware about the A-Z Challenge for quite some time now, it just so happened that I never attempted to go beyond my knowledge and actually take part in it, until this year.
So one day, visiting my blog after what seemed like ages, I came across a fellow blogger’s post on Theme Revelation for this year’s challenge. I promptly texted her and gathered whatever I needed to know about the challenge, and there I could see my blog breathing again!
Stating it all frankly, the very reason to sign up for this challenge was to refresh my blog. Plus, to write, something I had been away from quite long. Now, a little background check and you’d know that I am the last person on this earth you can expect to be punctual and completing a challenge. And I yet again proved the former, but at last I managed to complete the challenge. One winning moment that was! :D
Honestly, about a week into it, and I felt my inconsistency kicking in. A lot of times in the month, I failed to think of a topic in time. At the same time, a lot many ideas came up at unusual times. The latter gave me immense boost. I had decided I wouldn’t just write anything, I had to mean it. And so the delays. I surely can’t be certain that I’d take up the challenge next time too, but irregularity is the area I need to work upon, along with reading more blogs, something I was held back from doing due to reasons. Whatever little glance I managed to throw around the blogs, I was mighty impressed by the ideas and themes people came up with. Creativity is always influencing.

If asked about any suggestions regarding the challenge, I don’t really find myself fit for the response. I’d rather appreciate the effort that goes into engaging so many blogs. It is absolutely commendable. Also, it is such a good exercise without really getting into the stress of a competition.

The whole word-ly journey from A-Z was quite enhancing in a way that it made me renew my way with words. I discovered being good with expressing in a few lines. I really loved that.
All in all, A-Z Challenge is to be thanked for pushing me to write so much. In fact, it was during this time that I crossed my 100th post. Too soon, no? :P

Till next time,

-Srishti :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Will You Be My Best Friend?

Some 11 years back, our family shifted from a small (but beloved) town Gorakhpur, to a somewhat bigger town, Kanpur. New city meant new school, and of course new faces, something I was quite eagerly looking forward to. Just a day into my new class, and I was introduced to a fact that was going to stay with me for years. This big city somehow wasn’t that big at heart, to me.
Never expected ignorance on the first day, to be looked down upon as a small-town over the next few months, to coming face to face with the fact that people were appreciated according to the size of the apartment they lived in, were some truths that were going to trouble me for a long time.
But I wasn’t wrong in believing that Life isn’t that unfair. Amid all those clouds of materialism coated lifestyle, I came across a genuine existence. Someone who mirrored my experience. This one I call Moon. Precisely, my personal Moon, simply ‘cause this person was my light in all that darkness.

It so happened, that one usual boring afternoon around one week being new to the school, I boarded the school bus post the end of classes, and we collided. “Hi Srishti!”, a voice said. I was quite taken aback, because I couldn’t actually believe someone knew me, let alone know my name. Hesitantly, and a bit ashamed at not recognizing this person, I replied with a meek “Ermm…Hi”. I am quite sure my blank plus startled look didn’t let out very good impression. Next, I come to know, the voice actually belonged to, hold your breaths, one of my classmates. Embarrassment level: Notches higher.
Anyway, the coming days saw us sitting beside each other in the bus for the next two years. And the classroom? It was now a little less of an agony.

And then one day I popped the question.

While the bus waited for all the students to get on board, we sat there on our seats, with the light from the window playing with our smiles, talking about random things, may be me narrating one of my old-school stories. Something happened in that moment, perhaps I was knocked by a feeling of content, happy at finding someone who cared about me in this alien place. Slowly and slowly, zoning out from whatever was being spoken, I blurted out, “Will you be my best friend?”
I didn’t come to realize the level of stupidity that my question reflected until I noticed that amused smile. But in the very next moment, shaking hands with me, and maintaining that amused smile, She replied, “Yeah, sure!”.
That day, we held hands not as two teenage girls making some silly promises, but two friends who knew they’re going to stay the same for ages to come. In my dire need of a friend, I am beyond glad that I found the best one. :)

A lot more can be said, but I’ll wrap it here, Moon. A very Happy Birthday to you. Have a life full of strength to live it with that killer smile! ;)

Much love.

- Srishti
  (Who else will be sweet enough to write all that for you)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

#26. Zenith


For a fruit, it always takes a seed to deliver that sweetness; towers stand high, never without that bottom most brick; all the good humans were once some tiny babbling babies. So let not the nadir falter your steps to reach the Zenith. You have to start from somewhere, let your lowest be the kick to your highest. Once up there, you might actually feel thankful to the time when you stood there.

End-note: This particular post is for myself, more than for others to grasp something out of it. 
Anyway, notice the irony? The last post of the series talks about reaching the peak! :D

Till I don't know when,

Friday, April 29, 2016

#25. Yarns of Wool


Socks for the little angel,
A mickey-mouse cap for the monster,
Teal dress for the daughter ‘cause she loves the colour,
Thick gloves for the mister, ‘cause he needs them
And only yarns and yarns of wool for the ageing but magical hands.

#24. Xerox


“She is a Xerox copy of her mother”, the relatives discussed among themselves.
Tara beamed her brightest smile.

“I didn’t fail in keeping her alive”, she whispered to herself, remembering her mother.

#23. Wrinkles

Source: Framed Figments

These creases, on the skin once bright and youthful
They hold stories, may be more than a million
Of the days now called past, those nights of dreams
And mornings of new blue sky
Those lines speak of the life left behind,
One of love mixed with pain
And of colorful memories now stocked in black and white
Decades spent, some in glory, some in regret
They all hide here, in these wrinkles.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#22. Veil


Lift off the veil
Let him get the feel
Of the pain that none could heal.

Monday, April 25, 2016

#21. Unique


To be called Unique, it doesn’t require a tonne of accolades in your name, or every other pair of eyes to recognize you in an instant. It requires as simple an effort, as being you to yourself and others. A dash of compassion and love may be? :)

Courtesy: Framed Figments

This picture stuns me immensely. The crystal clear love and humanity that fills this scene is what I am in awe of. And that is its Uniqueness. 

#20. Trust


Trust, a word weighing not even half of a dozen in count but carrying a lot more weight than that. Have you ever had it broken? How did it feel? A piercing clutch at heart, failing to fathom how to react, hoping it be to be a lie. Or something like that? For some of us, it is more than that. Trust is something that comes attached with love. You love someone, be it your beau, mother, father, brother, friend, or anyone for that matter, you don’t go on to announce it but subconsciously, in your heart, there gets a separate space of trust built for that person. When that space is disturbed, have hope for the love to remain, but that space, it is probable to stay void throughout life.
Think of it, would you like to live with that kind of a void. No, right? Then I guess you get that point.
When someone trusts you it isn’t just another “Oh why would he/she ever do that to me?” It is “I know he/she wouldn’t do that to me”. Breaking that means you are actually damaging your bond. Whatever path you two share in the future, it is never going to be the same. What can be harsher of an outcome is the person’s grilling turmoil in trusting anyone else.
Make sure you aren’t ever intentionally a reason for this scenario.

Help your bit in keeping some faith in trust.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

#19. Synchronisation

The best hours in my city are the early hours of the morning, and of course the evening. And these hours are best used when spent on a Ghat. Not demanding any fancy explanations, it is pure bliss. Now, I am not an early riser (something I hate myself for) but some days it so happens that I bless the early morning with my active presence, and that is when I choose to spend the time on ghats. Yesterday was one such happy day. Till now I can hardly remember any ghat-walk taken alone. It has always been with a family member or friends, ‘cause for record I don’t like being alone. Yesterday morning changed the notion. At 5:00 in the morning, dropping my brother off to catch an auto the station, I headed towards peace.

Clueless to what I’d do their sitting alone, I switched places thrice, being all fidgety. And then at one point, I decided I better just look on. For those who don’t know, the location of ghats are such that all the 80 something ghats in the city are located one after the other, so one second you are on Assi ghat, and few steps ahead on Rewa Ghat. Anyway, so I just went ahead and sat on the steps, ignoring that I had a brigade of ant just passing beside me. I knew they cared least too.

Source: Framed Figments

Looking on, I observed how there was a full fledged Morning Aartee going on the ghat a little far away on my right, with 5-6 pujaris in a row, while where I sat, there was just one boy doing the rituals. And yet, they were almost in sync. To my north that is near the river, I noticed an old man sitting on a round platform hitting on an instrument, and that is when I realized that was the sound I had been hearing subconsciously for past ten minutes. I just didn’t care to search the source. All I had my attention was the Aartee being performed by the guy, while the mood was being set by a different person altogether. That was the beauty of the whole thing, perhaps…how they went on doing their respective jobs and in such perfect rhythm.
Not too far away from the man with the instrument, another man was bent down sprinkling water on a few utensils. Preparing them for the Prasad, I guessed. Near him, some men and women went about with their routine dip  in the ganges, may be missing which made them feel unusual on such days. And that they did as the sun started showing. And in a distance, I could hear another conch blowing keeping up with the sound of bell, followed by a chorus of chants. For sure, from a temple. Nothing unusual about that, in Varanasi. Behind me, up a few steps, the stove had been lit, and I knew with every batch of tea pouring down, humans would start puring too. the day had started.

And I just sat there, blending in the charm of the air that morning, and in awe of the Synchronization.

- Srishti

Friday, April 22, 2016

#18. Rose


Looking at her caressing the petals, he whispered “This rose, I want it to speak how much I love you.”

Decades later, the crunched between the pages of a book, that flower had wilted, but the two wrinkling palms holding onto each other spoke how the love stayed forever.

#17. Quest

Courtesy: Framed Figments

Constantly on a quest for the supposed peace,
She’d often overlook what all came her way
There was this little tug in the heart that would keep making a sound,
In a language minimally understood
And she took that to be call from her goal
That very soon the search would end
Hardly realizing that peace was there, all this while
In the beauty of her laughter, in the calm of her smile,
In the music of her voice, in the win of a fight,
In those moments of rejoice, in the light of the morning,
And silence of the night
Yet she went on with her Quest
Perhaps that was her peace.

                             - Srishti

#16. Perfect

All this while, caught in the struggle to be perfect
Missed on the little joys in imperfection

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#15. Of Sunshine and Glitters

Free me from this oblivion,
Let me flight off to that land,
Far away into some space full of magic
Where they say it’s all merry
Is it there, some place that sees no dark,
And just days of sunshine and glitters?


Monday, April 18, 2016

#14. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game I came to know about through some TV show, and it sounded fun. Though the game has some rules and is played in a group, I thought to use the question for a little self-introspection (and time pass), and so here it goes.
All it is about is that there are some questions I have picked from various sites, that’ll be preceded with ‘Never Have I Ever’, and I am going to answer them  with ‘I Have’ or ‘I Haven’t’, and may be elaborate the I Have part a bit (that’s totally up to me :P)
Never Have I Ever:

1. Ran Away……I Have. As a child, I frequently used to run away from my house picking up my cycle, usually when I got scolded from mother, or had a huge fight with brother. My brother would immediately follow me and  I was mostly found in a specific nearby colony, ‘cause that was the farthest I could go :P

2. Given someone a fake phone number……I Have.

3. Got a tattoo……I Haven’t, unless the once that came with Boomer aren’t counted. :P

4. Done something I regret……Oh, plenty of times! More than blood, I have regret flowing in my veins.

5. Found out someone was talking about me……I have, every time my parents discussed what a hopeless case I am :’D

6. Cried myself to sleep……When it is about sleep, I only care about sleep. May be sometime as a kid.

7. Ran a red light……I haven’t. My city doesn’t have a traffic system xD

8. Set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose……I Have. Mine, just out of curiosity to see what happens. Don’t worry, it didn’t really catch fire :P

9. Shot a gun……Oh yes, those Moser Guns :P So no, I Haven’t.

10.  Been trapped in an elevator……I Have.

11. Fallen in love at first sight……I Have, and fallen out of it at the next sight, every time :P

12. Texted for four hours straight……I guess I must have.

13. Read a whole novel in one day……I Have. No big deal, right?

14. Eaten a piece of food that fell on floor……I Have. *looks for a place to hide*

15. Fallen down in public……I Have. That question can never be answered in negative, considering how clumsy I am!

16. Slept till noon……Any doubt? Yes, I have!

17. Had a manicure……Nope, I Haven’t. Why do we even need that? :D

18. Made all A’s in School……Ah, I Haven’t.

19. Been lost……Yes, but I was found soon. Wish that to be repeated…though no one’s going to search for me now. xD

20. Stayed awake for an entire night……Indian weddings make you do so (in most of the regions). Yes, I have!

Okay, so this didn’t go as great as I hoped, since most of the questions I found were way out of my league. But was fun, nonetheless. And I am surely hoping to play this soon, in real. Let me how you found it? Also, Never Have I Ever been able to be on track in a challenge, and so you see I am lagging behind in my A-Z Challenge. But I really hope to complete this one.

Question sources:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

#13. Mother

Long back I had once written a poem for my mother. When narrated to her, she liked it, but somehow couldn’t bring herself to appreciate it with all her heart. The reason pinched me bad, but I couldn’t really give in accept it. For her, it weren’t those words that mattered, she complained she wanted to see the love in action, and questioned if I really loved her enough.
Now, I know she didn’t mean it all and obviously knows of the undeniable love. I believe she said that on purpose to make me realize her worth. That discussion had actually hurt me back then, but I have come to comprehend that she has all the rights to state that out. Just like her, even I on numerous occasions have spit out nonsense like “You don’t love me”, whenever my sense dived in temporary coma. That when I clearly know no one can love me more and better.
And so, since then I have been on a hunt of ways to prove that I really meant the poem. I wanted to tell that my expressions always come out better in words, but that wasn’t going to help.
Sadly, the brat in me always overtakes the good girl :-|. Still, I love to assume that she knows.

And all it took to make me understand what she meant, was her absence from home for a couple of weeks recently. She has been away earlier too, but somehow what struck me this time, never did before. I actually wanted to do the household chores in a better managed and clean way this time, which is so unlike me. So this one morning, I felt myself being drilled beneath a whole pile of chores. The younger one from my two elder brothers was supposed to leave for his college in another city. And he wants his food perfect, as in it should be sufficient, no compromise on that. The elder one had to leave for his work. And grandfather sat in his room, waiting for the breakfast. Now, I suddenly found myself webbed, as I couldn’t really pick what to do first. Breakfast for three (excluding me, I never bother to count myself :P), lunchbox for two, another lunchbox for one, and then the mandatory routine lunch. I felt my brain jam. Even though my brother was there helping me pack his lunch for the journey, that didn’t help me not to panic. And that is when I was missed our saviour. Mother. And soon I was drifted in this large pool of realization where I wondered how she manages to do it, every time! And she is doing it from the time when was younger than what I am now. ‘How?’ is the question that is going to bug me for long now,  I am sure I can never be like her.

P.S.: This is one of the many experiences that have been important for some healthy realizations on what a mother is. And now I know, a poem can never explain that enough.

- Srishti

Thursday, April 14, 2016

#12. Laughter



It’s like the soul buzzes,
With a renewed zeal altogether
And the heart wobbles,
With unknown happiness
It feels like a music,
I’d want to play on loop
It is that incredible something,
That stills my gaze on you
And I can go on and on,
Replaying the scene all my life
Owing it all to the crazy things,
Your laughter does to me.

                                                                                                               - Srishti

#11. Kettle


Of all the ticking hours of the day,
I crave for the evening to come,
With so many faces.
The suit-clad tired of the day-load
A merry group out for a hangout
Another having an intense debate
That old soul obeying his routine
A duo on a sneaked out date
That lady with her empty basket,
Happy with the day’s sell
And me, with my twinkling thoughts.
Different beings, unaware of each other
Letting out the same sigh of comfort,

As the kettle pours down little happiness.

                                                                     - Srishti

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#10. Jigsaw Puzzle


We are all familiar with the concept of a jigsaw puzzle. In fact, more or less each one us has had their share of fun fixing it, sometime or the other. On that note, how can we forget the joy that follows every time a piece fit well in its place!
Our life, I think, is synonymous to a jigsaw puzzle. Clueless at first, we finally start from a point. We know nothing of what’s going to shape up ahead. Yet we have an idea, that picture of our tomorrow, buzzing in our mind. And thus, we march on to complete the picture. Snags appear, and there the picture goes wrong. But we can reset that, right? Just like with the Jigsaw. With time, we see the picture getting clearer. That is life shaping up, and telling where to we are on this journey. With the useless pieces tossed out, that completed puzzle is our life. And the end is, what they say ‘meant to be’. What the hidden note is, is that we are in charge of what would want our canvas to look like, and we are the ones giving it life.


“Our life, all in all, is like a Jigsaw Puzzle.
We get happy with each perfect fit.” 

- Srishti

Monday, April 11, 2016

#9. I'll write you a letter

Ill write you a letter

with the ink of my heart,

in the language of love.
                                   - Ti

Saturday, April 9, 2016

#8. Hushed


And on some nights,
Just like that
You sit and wonder,
About all the dreams
And the glorious desires
That were hushed.
Would life have been any better?
You start fuelling your imaginations,
Adding more to them
Fighting the invading sleep
‘cause you know the morning will hush them again.

Source: Framed Figments

- Srishti

Friday, April 8, 2016

#7. Guess Who?


She can be serene as a zephyr
And also emit the fury of fire
Guess who?

She’ll make you laugh with all her wit
And one wrong move, she won’t fear to slit
Guess who?

You’ll see her cry at the tiniest loss
Don’t forget her smile makes the world gloss
Guess who?

She seems the one to mellow to a soft tune
Her rocking self can make you swoon
Guess who?

She is that gold that comes in silver plating
Way beyond any scale of rating
Guess who?
It is You. And you have it all in you.

- Srishti

P.S.- There is a lot more I want to write to this. But instead of making it seem rushed, I’ll add to it later. For now, this was one random little piece that popped up as I came across the word ‘Guess’. And no. it isn’t some core feminist stuff. It’s just a thought.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

#6. Feel the Failure


They say success and failure are all a part and parcel of life, and one must not lose heart and cry succumbing to their failure.
I ask Why? Why won’t one cry? Failure comes only if you have conquered, and have put in your efforts to achieve something. Otherwise, it is just a result of a shallow try. And when one has put in their days, their time, intense vigour, and sweat, how can we expect them not to fall weak seeing the paradise they have woven with all their silent yearnings, crumble down at the final stage?
We are such practised pros when it comes to preaching advices. Reality dawns when we suffer a quake ourselves.
An so, as much as people deserve to be praised for the effort, let them feel for their loss and have a little time with it. Humans are moulded this way, and Congrats! You are human! Cry if you feel like, and let it all out. After all, Failure too needs its part of attention. Just remember Not To Give Up. And that done, the reminder for the next attempt is set i.e., 'How to avoid crying’. There, failure just worked as your check-list. Face it, feel it. Now, you can get up and resume trying!


#5. Escape


The sound of stream, incredibly soothing to the ears, plush green grasses aligned with blossoms of myriad hues, perfect point to watch as the sun comes and goes. Tridha smiled her brightest as the brisk air of her dream place tickled her senses. Not too far away from where she stood, she spotted a bunch of tiny cottages. Just like the picture she had in mind. In all the excitement she ran towards that area. Holding an array of emotions, reached out to one of the cottage doors.
*knock on the door*

“Tridha, the meeting starts in 10. Be ready!”

Sighing, she gathered herself to return from the momentary escape. Real life was calling.

- Srishti

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#4. Day after Day


Day after day,
I dream a new me
Some days a mermaid sitting by a sea
Other days a fire ball out on flee

Day after day,
Source: Framed Figments
I dream a new me
Some days writing a letter under the moonlight
Other days a rock-star shining so bright

Day after day
I dream a new me
Some days smiling quietly in my sleep
Other days preaching thoughts so deep

Day after day
I dream a new me
Some days making the world smile
Other days omitting all fears and being agile

Day after day
I dream a new me
Some days in love
Other days the messenger dove

Day after day
I dream a new me
Some days what I want to be
Other days the me I may never see

- Srishti

Monday, April 4, 2016

#3. Centuries Ahead


In moments of casual wondering, I am often greeted with the thought of tomorrow. Not my tomorrow, not the coming tomorrow, but the far future, the future we don’t have even the slightest idea about. The future of Centuries Ahead.
Centuries ahead, will it all be the same, the emotions, the love, the feelings, the expectations, the experiences, the reactions, the repercussions? Will a quiet evening at a terrace breathing in the site of sunset, mean the same as it does today? Pretty little things, even a tiny squirrel, will it be lovely enough to be a subject of some poetic phrase, or for that matter will it even be there? Will lakes give the same calm? The hills, the giant woods, the birds, the roads….will the still call out to us?

Love. Will it be cherished, even for its little stroke in one’s life? Or there will be no charm? Will emotions continue to rule the human life, or will that sway be lost? Will there be anything like “feeling lost”, the kind which leaks a different creative thread? Will there be a need for company, will friendship be a part of life? Will there be laughter as strong that it refreshes your soul, and smile that kills for good? Will there be thumping of heart, and tears and heating anger?

Centuries ahead, will we be this alive?

Centuries ahead, will it all be the same?

Srishti :)