Thursday, December 31, 2015

Just A Post. And Hello!

HELLOOOO people!!
*waving like a maniac*

Surprise for those who thought I was probably dead for I have been MIA since umm… many months! Well, I am very much living, well kind of just breathing. No, I didn’t go on to attract any disease which has made me bed-ridden or anything. :P
I just didn’t feel like blogging, for a simple fact. And still don’t, to an extent. What is then? May be a mandatory year-end post, or just a co-incident with my sudden craving for heart-pour :D

Ah , so I don’t really feel a thing with the year passing by, or another one standing on its toes. It’s just as monotonous as my life, right now. The year had very conveniently been divided into equal halves for being good and bad for me. The reason being me, of course. I am not going to go all whining and spit out trash for life. :P
I just happened to not do good for myself and ended up killing my time at home, with very little to do. And I am not really happy with whatever little that is. You can see it in light of a minor depression (not really that since Depression is a huge disorder), that I kept diving in and out of, simultaneously not knowing what and where I want to be. Is it any better? Well, the killer of all emotions- Perhaps. For the past few months, I have been largely affected by the updates in others’ life. Yes, they were suffocating, and only added more weight to my sinking ship. I have been away from reading/writing….or for that matter anything worthy. I don’t even watch movies or TV series. There have also been fallouts with a couple of close people which managed to ruined my sanity a bit. :P  So basically, I am “just passing through life, not living it”. Have been actually. Received slight motivations from unintentional sources, and I am trying to catch up. Aaaand, I’d get up healed, I know. Life is such. No such grave complains this time. In fact a shout out to the terrific company of friends I have, who never fail to keep a tab on me, even after their grueling schedule. Much love to them :’)

Just hoping to shape up the coming times into an image I’d really love to look back at, sans regret. I believe that doesn’t sound like a resolution, I have come to dislike them.

All health and wealth to everyone (share a bit of latter with me). Peace in the world, sometime soon I hope K. And free cakes and chocolates :/
Have a worthy year ahead :)

Till next year ;)