Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friendship, throughout Life

Here again, we have one of the most celebrated day of the year. Gift stores displaying cute ‘Friends Forever’ bracelets and cards, cafes echoing laughter and chats, phones beeping with messages.
Each one living the day their own way, we commonly see little ones sharing friendship bands, the young ones celebrating at food joints, and the wiser generation perhaps leafing through old memories.
Trying to configure the forms friendship takes in different phases of our life, I made an attempt at listing it down in our way, this Friendship Day.

The Tiny Steps together
Imagine how it would have been sitting alone in classrooms. Having no one as a seat partner.
Not something you’d have wanted your school life to be like, right?
That’s the point where the importance of friends pops up. For this, and a lot more.
1. Your closest friends are automatically your seat partners. They make sure they watch for your space, in classroom, bus, or during events.
2. You won’t have your lunch till all the lunch boxes don’t come together. The food is even tastier when shared.
3. PT periods mean coming together and chalking a plan to bunk it.
4. You have your group ever-prepared to participate in any competition or event. And it’s always a cherished time together.
5. School trips are more of an opportunity to spend time with an extended family.
6. You have them beside in every experience. May it be trying something ‘strictly not meant to be tried’ by you, or simply punishments for incomplete works.
7. This is your time to have your share of alluring dreams. And you dream them in a group.  “We’ll open a Dhabha. You’ll be the chef. Main manager, and isey bartan dhone ko rakhenge.”

The Young bubbles
And as you grow up and welcome a wisp of sanity, we find yourself in company of more like-minded peers in college. A select few become your thick buddies. And here is a summary of the days together.
1. You stay connected in whatever you do. Be it taking naps between lectures, or bunking classes just for a stroll around the college campus. Basically, it’s always FUN when you are together.
2. As much as your friends relish watching you whine over an issue, they’d move heaven and earth when you get into any grave mess.
3. They are there to rejoice with you when you finally hook up with your long time crush, and also if ever this relation makes you cry.
4. More than mourning at their loss, they’ll celebrate your victory, whenever there is any competition.
5. To the onlookers, it is last minute revisions, but most of the times it is your first round of preparation in the morning of the exam day. And group study does come with rewards ;)
6. One’s own life might be a web, but consoling each other and listing tips are what all are experts at, in friendship.
7. There goes on, piling up of better dreams. Pushing each other to go catch their goal. And promising to stay friends, forever.
“Yaar, ek baar Road trip hogi, sab saath mein. Pakka”


The Finest bond.
Adjusting your spectacles on the nose, you give out your best smile looking at your phone. It’s a birthday from your best friend of years. “She remembered”
Forwarding your life, you join work, offices change. People come and go. Trusted are the ones you have from your past. The one with whom that cup of coffee tastes the best.
1. They are the ones you want to feed up with all the tales of your success and failures.
2. They might be the ones you enjoy your morning walk with.
3. You people talk galore and with the same wit even after a great hiatus.
4. These are the friends you know you could rant about your teenage kid/grandkid’s growing nuisance.
5. They are the ones who have pillared your dreams, even if with mere words. They felt their heart reveling when you realized them.
“Kaha tha na maine, tu ek din bada aadmi banega”

To the bond that drips purity, to the people we live our dreams with, to the days that were worth living ‘cause we had them by our side, our Friends.
To true friendship. Happy Friendship Day! Cheers! :D