Saturday, June 13, 2015

Then and Now: Story So Far

Time passes by, without even letting us deem its velocity. This time around, 3 years back, I had come home from Delhi, having wrapped up with all my applications and entrance examinations. And today, I am done with my final paper of Graduation.
12th June’12, holding my breath, I waited for an important result. *You have not qualified for the interview*, the phone screen displayed by noon. By night I was back home in Varanasi. A fortnight or so from then, started the stream of other results and release of cut offs. Naturally, I was in this chaotic state of deciding the course to opt for. While Delhi offered me Political Science and English honors in some of the decent colleges, and I started weaving my future around what it would have been like being an English honors student, BHU jumped in with a jolt of a shock. I had secured a rank inSocial Science Honors which wasn’t even remotely expected. 51 was the number that totally changed the course of my life. Emotional pull from the family and the constant hammering of “BHU To BHU hai” made me stay back in the city.

Three years down the line, I am a Psychology graduate. A never planned episode of life. All these years, there have been countless instances when I had blamed my parents for coaxing me into the fake charm of the University, and not letting me follow my choice back then. But today, standing at the finish point, when I look back, the starting got left behind long back. A lot has shaped up in these years. True, I felt BHU lacks exposure but there is no denying the fact that I too lacked in my efforts. Even with a handful of complaints against the authority and what not, I am weighed down under certain memories I’d always count my blessings for. And of course I’ll say, BHU will be missed. 

This is the thing about life,
it shows the path
But never tells where it will take you
(image source: Framed Figments)

This goes to the three years of varied happenings. From deciding on Economics in the first year to coming to love Psychology by the third year. From starting the journey with a company of two school friends to laughing around with a great bunch of them. From being a gloomy ‘let me stay at home person’ to enjoying every chance I got to revel. From detesting certain people like anything to having a life-changing bond with them. From believing that I was a solo piece of meshed up existence to banging into a strikingly similar being, now tagged as my sister. From writing juvenile poetry on friends and their personality to pouring down thoughts on life. This is how life molded up all this time. In such a way that from despising BHU with all my will, I have come to a point that I perhaps don’t want to leave.
May be it’s the people. The thinkers, the artists, the humorists, the satirists. The ladies I had some really beautiful time with. And some offbeat unexpected friendships.  I know you all are reading this (I’ll poke you to). Just a love-laced thank you and a promise to stay in touch forever, is all I can give you people. Happy life! Good luck! :)

And before my senses lose themselves into the aroma of the dinner reaching them since long, I’ll sign off.

With heavy heart, but all smiles, I’ll miss this place and the people.

-Srishti :)