Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine Series

Our blogging team at Half Baked Voices, out of ardent love for words settled on giving our own touch to this Valentine's Week. Coming from several writers, all holding varying notions about love, we have for you a short series, spread over the week, starting from Rose Day.

Well amigos and amigas, my contribution to the series is a part on Chocolate Day!
Since the time I had been assigned this topic (thank God, it was this topic), I have been whining about no one (guy) ever giving me a chocolate, which would have at least helped me in coming up with a story. Apart from my brothers, the only guys who've ever given me chocolates are the ones at the kirana stores. Generous lot :')
But somehow, and with a great deal of help from the girl gang there, I am up with my story. I hope you people find it tolerable. Do give it a read :)

Here's the link to the parts till date:

I'd love to read your response :)

P.S.: If you find the opening para of my story good (which I hope you do), the credit for most of it goes to Divya, the writer for Rose Day, and the brain behind this series :)

Love and Smiles,

-Srishti :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flash Fiction- 'Friends for Life'

She walked out of the examination hall, dunked in disappointment. “Another exam gone bad. Only if I had gone through that chapter at least once!”, mumbling to herself, she adorned a look of utmost dejection.

“Heyo babe! How’d it go? I am  dead sure  the examiner’s gonna resign from his job seeing my paper. It was that bad!”, she heard her bestie blabber, coming up to her from behind. At that very instant, she gave out a slight smile, as her heart settled down a bit.

Sometimes just knowing that probably your best friend is standing just beside you in the pit, helps a bit in easing out that terrible feeling of spoiling an exam. May be that’s what makes you two 'Friends for Life'

P.S. No idea if this happens with the general population, but it definitely does with me :D

-Ti :)