Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog shifted to


Heylo people!

Well, I recently cracked the reason why I haven’t been able to blog. There’s something wrong with the blog address! It’s jinxed, I am damn sure. So, my stars told me it was time I shifted to another address. Okay, that was really a bad attempt (and excuse) at trying to sound witty. Actually, I just wanted to change it. Since long. Apart from the reason that the current url was decided in pure innocence when I had no knowledge of its importance, I was also done with facing all the mocking remarks regarding the logic behind the name. I have also had nightmares where I had people laughing at me over it. No, seriously! (Now, those who don’t know the logic….please don’t ask. Just don’t.)

So, now finally I’ll be blogging (hah!) at a new address. All the kind people, please take a note. I am hoping to see you all here:

Till next time,

-Srishti :)


  1. Wait, now that you have mentioned (repeatedly) what was the logic? #IndiaWantsToKnow :P

    *Thinks hard to mock this address*. Nope, I got nothing. On the contrary, I would like to steal it. So, don't sleep. I mean don't stop blogging.

    The *Important* looks like the one we usually get in exam question papers. I was scared that this might be something serious.

    Anyway, (like the blog address, I am blabbing) keep writing. Hope to see more posts under the new purview.

  2. I am sorry, couldn't get what you wrote in the first line :P

    Lol, I don't usually have serious things to share here. So be chilled about getting any such shock :D
    Glad that you liked the address. Sorry, haven't got anything to serve anything to my guest right now :P

    Hope to write more.
    Thanks :)

  3. No. You aren't. The logic, please. Pretty please ? :P

    Lol. May be next time then. :P

    1. You want me to brood over the past, Mr. ak? *sobs silently*

  4. Umm, now we don't to see you sobbing. It was just the curiosity. Let me make a mental note that "Cat killed the curiosity" (Its the other way round, but here is the exception. :P )

    Anyway, cheers to fresh beginnings. Let's just leave past in the past and not talk about it. Hope this cheers you up.