Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye 2014

Another year breathing it’s last. A reason to thank my stars, simply ‘cause I am still living. No, I didn’t mean I was suffering from some terminal illness counting my last days all throughout the year. Just some heavy bags of stress from different sources. But none killed me. Phew!
And oh, by the way, don't you think the year passed by too quickly? No really, time is slipping by way too fast. I am just a few months from being a Graduate! I get a weird, aged feeling there :(
Even though I had been eagerly waiting for this year to end, since there are a plenty of reasons I hate it for (not that anything’s going to change), finally when it’s just few hours to a fresh start, I can’t help but feel a little glum. I mean, come on, we were together for one whole year! 2014 and me, that is.
Sure there have been high end dramas, life-shattering incidents, and what not in my life the past year, I just can’t be disgraceful to it considering the good times I saw. Err...enter the great crisis! Flipping back the pages of life this year, I see just a few chapters marked with smiles and sun shines. Rest all are torn pages. Pages with ugly scratches of time. God! That sounds so melodramatic. I hope none of you imagined me as one of Ekta Kapoor’s tortured female leads. Geeee! That gives me Goosebumps.
Okay, so all in all this wasn’t a great year for me- reason why I didn’t share Facebook’s year review on my timeline. Anyway they used my worst pictures in the review. I didn’t want people to scratch those wounds again. :’(

Back to the point, I was basically going to give a malign account of my overstuffed-with-boredom-and-(tearless)cries life, but all that seems to be falling back. In this moment, as I watch my fingers moving on the keyboard after so long, and as I feel my ears taking in the sounds of a beautifully soothing instrumental track from Highway, I find all the gloom hiding away. And there, I am not trying to play attractive with my words. I really feel that. Or else I would have been curled up in my blanket, too drained out after an exam, trying to sleep but actually tensing over the exam I have got on the very second day of the new year. My college rocks, you know? But no, I just won’t go there. Some other time. May be when I’ll be finally leaving the place.
So right now, even with a string of worries hanging right in front of me, I think I want to bid adieu to this year with all the bright thoughts. Getting over the sadness of probably not having the whole family around, I’ll make sure we wish each other at the same time, like every year. I’ll text people who try making me smile, even when they have a hint they’ll fail. I’ll call up friends who do the same this time every year. I won’t avoid the group chat my exam-tortured friends are planning to have. And even though it’ll mean a horrible end to the year, I’ll cook. In short, I won’t go in hibernation, as I was planning to. I’ll celebrate.

The coming year, I wish, brings:
New hopes
More vigour
Less anger
Least procrastination and laziness (tough one)
More focus
Kick to read more
Kick to write even more
Funds and chances to travel, explore, and well, repeat that.
The strength to hold on to my dreams
The charm to spread some happiness
Wisdom and brain to any idiot(ni) in my life
Some tasty, low on cost, as well as healthy food that makes you gain weight/Clothes that fit just right :/
A course book that doesn’t lull one to sleep
Good roads in my city
A good life, for one and all.

Cheers to the days that made us feel loved!
Cheers to the days we hope to live!
Thank you to all my friends and foes, alike, for adding to my life in whatever way you did.
Finally, thank you each and every blogger who reads me or whom I read. I genuinely admire you people for what you write, in your posts and in my comment box ;)

And sorry to anyone to whom I was a great pain or anything of that sort. I don’t think I’ll be getting better. Deal with it. :P

Bye 2014 :)
Forgive me for cursing you every other day. You should have been less mean.
But no grudges. I am a good girl. :D
I’ll miss writing ’14 in the dates :’(

Burying the bad memories, and clenching the beautiful ones,
Till next year,

Srishti :)