Friday, October 17, 2014

Befriend with Care

A lot has been talked, debated and gossiped about Virtual Friendship.
This is just another try by a particular me :D

The world today is moving at quite a fast pace. And what’s moving faster is the overpowering clutches of the social networking sites. They have become one integral part of a major number of the living humans. Some dead too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram……a storm everywhere!
Well, my take this time is not on how good or bad social networking is for our health, wealth, or whatever. I’ll rather be spending a few paras with the topic ‘Virtual Friendships.

Now, when social networks are our concern then obviously the tag word here is ‘virtual’. And what follows the league is virtual friendship. When asked to me, I’ll always say I kind of don’t like the whole idea of making friends online. But the irony is, a good part of my friend list consists of virtual friends, courtesy Blogging. And for once, I don’t regret that.

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