Sunday, August 10, 2014

To the Love we share :)

My ‘beautiful’ brothers :P

We have had the best of smiles together
We laugh with no bother
You guys, to me, redefine the word Brother.

Ever since I can recall, I have this tendency to get irritated hell soon. And you people, being the typical brothers, make the best use of it. And yes, I retort, mostly with a shrill putting in all the strength I have. But the truth is, it would have been painfully boring if we never had this element in our life. In fact I guess the most we talk is through the words we exchange during our spat. Now that’s what makes us WE.
The core thing is, however much we fight or swear to be the reason of each other’s death, no guy can love me the amount you guys do. It’s more than just use of sweet words, when I say that I want the guy in my life to be as gentle, witty and loving as my brothers. Sometimes it seems I am asking for too much, and then I realise I really am, because for someone to match your worth in my life, will be a waste try. Seems like I have to do away with you two only :P. When we laugh together, even the oddest  joke seems the funniest. There are some words only we understand, our exclusive vocabulary. We have our own definition of craziness. We are a trio of siblings that savours love for each other, without actually showing it out. We never knew to be cheesy with each other. If I have to tell the worst nick names I have ever got, hands down they’ll be the one I have got from you two, my brothers! But to be true, they sound much better than sugar-coated cute ones. Thanks for that!


There are times I act cranky and spit words out rather harshly, but I believe you guys know I never mean it by heart. At the end of the day, the truth is you two  are a pivotal ground in my life. Two extreme edges that keep me in place, and well there is a third one who is there even without letting me know (I hope you are reading it). You three know the exact trick to surprise me. Okay, that’s mostly just on birthdays and Rakhi. But nonetheless, you people are exemplary with surprises. Even a teeny gift equals to an infinite amount if I count the creativity, love, and effort put in it.
There is  lot more and still so less when I have to write to you guys. But there is one thing which is firm and dominant. You all are loved, with all my heart, smiles, and words. No matter how far we get away from each other in some time from now, the hearts are connected in a way, none can tamper. (But, but that doesn’t mean I am sharing all my chocolates with you -_-)

This is what I mean! :)

And this!


To all the crackling laughs we have shared, to all those dhansoo fights we have, to the late night cribbing sessions about people we mutually hate, and finally to the Brilliance that is US....cheers! B-)
And thank you, for the times you all have made stupid efforts to make me smile to wipe away any tear, for  the times you guys covered for my mistakes (if any), for reading anything I write (even if I have to coax for that), for convincing Papa to buy me a Scooty (this goes to you Bade bhaiya!), for every beautiful surprise till date,  for guarding me (goes to all three of you ^_^), for making me look pretty in your clicks, and of course, for being MY brothers :)

Happy Rakhi! :)

                                                                             Love in abundance
       Your Sister (who’s more like a brother)

*A blog post, because I know you chaps will love it! :D


  1. This had me teary eyed :')

    I always wanted an elder brother and somehow now my younger brother has began playing that role <3

    Cheers to this beautiful bond and **touchwood**

    1. That's sweet :)

      Thaaank you, Privy! :)

  2. This is so cute! Seems like you had a nice day, along with feeling awesome about your brothers :D Siblings mean a lot, and a brother to a girl is just super! You have two :D

    A lot many things made me smile, for I could relate to them as well: creating the worst of nicknames for each other, fighting (I bet they make us more bond-like when it comes to fights or resisting anything in any other situation :P), helping and loving us endlessly. Yay to brothers! :D ^_^

    1. Hahaha. Similar fate! :D

      Yay to siblings! :D

  3. Hawwwww..I can never be so expressive to my little brother. I am the strict sister for him. :P
    This made me miss him though!
    U r blessed!

    1. Haha. Here I'm the little one. So it's a bit easier may be :D

      Thanks :)

  4. Love you sis :) proud to be your brother.. ♥♥♥ brothers! (y)