Thursday, May 22, 2014


“Dreams remind you that you still have got a lot to live for.” -Ti

Sometime back, in my usual clung-to-the-phone moment, somehow a chat with a friend led us into a very interesting discussion on Dreams. And it was some fun, real fun after a hellish Economics exam (I say that for every Economics paper, good or bad). And voila! If nothing, I at least got to write something.
No one, I guess, is oblivious to the charm of dreams. If not presently, then may be at some point in your life when may be you were all  young, fabulous and lively, you had harboured dreams, some silly, some intense. And no, I am talking of the dreams you get while snoring away, that wake you up with a jerk because your professor was having a devil laugh on awarding you with a D this time. This happens with me a lot. In high school, many a time I woke up panting ‘cause I got nightmares of getting a ZERO in English tests. I even used to cry after that :D So no, not those, but the ones you build up all in your head, with eyes stark open, and store in your heart. Somewhat your Wish-list.

I have got dreams in plenty. My wishful wishes. Some of them I want to come real just in the way I have imaged them, and some I’d rather leave to be just dreams. There are some I have had since I ever knew to handle my imaginative sense, and others which got in to the line over the years, as I watched, read and listened people and places (courtesy: Internet, magazines and television).
The list swings from little wants like spending some never ending days in a hill station, to tempting ones like writing a story, stirring enough to bring out tears.
Adding a little more to it, it ropes in wishes and dreams like these:

>> Learning biking, and riding a Bullet.
>>A tiny-cosy shelter with wooden and antique interiors, all to myself. Somewhere near Kerala backwaters, or on hill top, or near a stream (the location keeps on changing).
>>Getting lost in woods, and discovering a tree house. I won’t go clichéd and say I want to do this alone. I’ll prefer having someone by my side. Someone equally interested, maybe. Okay, I might get scared alone. So even if that someone is unwilling, I’ll pull him/her along.
>>Learning Spanish. Yeah, I want to visit Spain (Right guess, it’s a ZNMD effect)
>>Adopt a kid, or may be kids, once I am efficient enough in every way to take care of one. And I’ll make sure the kid turns out to be witty and intelligent, unlike me :D. And yup, I’ll love to adopt a girl.
>>Sit all alone, with feet dangling in a lake, or  on a hill top, or beach side, and SING, in a voice I never knew I had. (Jeez! That Alia Bhatt song has really seeped in too much, and by the way, I just made this one up :P)
>>Discovering a chocolate-land and enjoying chocolates, preferably dark chocolates, in abundance without caring about the teeth!
>>On a cold night, in a hill station, with the street all deserted and just the light of the moon showing, I want to step out and just walk, in a pair of jeans and sweat-shirts, and may be act a little drunk. Just act. I want to do this for no particular reason. May be because I love hill stations, and I love Moon.
And et cetera et cetera. This, well, obviously is just a glimpse of my imaginative highs. I know it wasn’t some awe-inspiring list, but as I said, it was just a glimpse. The list trails on and every now and then, something new is added in the Castle where these dreams are nestled.

Spain! ^_^ Someone book me a ticket, pleeeease? 

Okay, THIS is the place. I am getting lost here. Thank you, Google.
In case you come searching for me, you'll find me there on the bench, sleeping.

Evidently, yes, I am dreamer. Small.Big.Unrealistic.Alluring.Anything and everything. And probably, only a handful of them may come in to the light, but then what will dreams be if they all turn real.

“Imaginations, lined up in a tandem
That’s the thing about dreams,
Their soothing rhythm”

The P.S(s).:
I am not able to write the way that made people love me, I mean my write-ups :/ I am losing even the little humour quotient I had in me. Will try to grasp it before it slips down the gutter.
Don’t search for the relevance of the Post title. I just like the word :P
That ‘Ti’ is me. Hehe.

 I hate long gaps between exams -_-

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  1. >>Discovering a chocolate-land and enjoying chocolates, preferably dark chocolates, in abundance without caring about the teeth!


    Take me with you to spaaaaaaaaain

    1. Well, I still have got a long way to go before worrying about the waistline :P

      And come along, sure, only if you agree to buy the tickets :D

  2. ur dreams...add me olso...m ready to go wid d list is really amazing...^_^
    n y do i have to keep remininding you that you are genuinely a prolific bettr u shutup wid ur nonsense dat ur loosing quotient humour..bla blaa...n focus on ur writings n dreams instead :D
    with love
    your moon :) :*

    1. I'll take you anyway. Oh, I wish!

      And keep saying that, moon. I love compliments :P

  3. I always wanted to have a treehouse and discovering it between nowhere would be awesome.

    Read me here:

  4. Since a few days, I was actually contemplating writing a post about the things I wish to do (or have always wished to do). Didn't get the time to make a list yet.

    And Spain... I had made a personal website of my own in which I had mentioned my dream/wish to go to Spain. People used to ask me about the reason which made me want to visit Spain. What's yours ? And what is ZNMD effect ?

    By the way, I'm going to start learning Spanish soon. I've already got the books and a dictionary for that. :D

    And yes, tree-houses and wooden shacks in the middle of a dense rain forest have been on my mind since childhood. I guess it's the effect of those Nancy Drew books I used to enjoy. :P

    Your post has tempted me to do my own post about dreams. :-)

    1. You must write!
      I have read a lot on Wishlists by people, and would have rather listed all, but then I like keeping a few things to myself :)

      ZNMD is that movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara :D

  5. Dude! Who cares about the witty content! This is a beautiful post and made me swoon!!! <3 The list has a lot of stuff I'd LOVE to do. And oh, you'd get plentyyyy of stars along with the moon in a hill station. It's an AMAZING sight :D

    As for Spain, please pull me along :D I know a little bit of Spanish too :P
    And biking *_* I so want to do that too!!!
    Lovely, inspiring list! :D

  6. Eeeeeee! thank you, Ashna! :D I loved the fact that you loved this post :P

    You can surely come along, pehle apna jugaad ho jaye :D We'll do lot of maze there. Hehe.

    Thank you loads for this comment. :)

  7. Wow ... this was such a sweet wish list ... we all have dreams, sometimes, far from reality ... wish yours come true really soon :-)

    1. :D Thank you!
      Dreams are nice to harbor!
      Share yours too :)