Saturday, March 22, 2014

Heights of being Flimsy

Heyo Peeps! How’s everyone across the screen? *waves with a sheepish grin*
It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned I had been away for quite long. Almost a month! God, how do I always manage that. :/ But for a change, I had things to keep me busy in this gap. Have you ever noticed, that I am way too much proud of myself when I declare I was busy? Even if it is a teeny-weeny five-page assignment, pending for a month. So much for being a log! -_-

But anyway, I am here and first time with an impromptu post that I just thought of minutes back. Deserves a pat, doesn’t it? B-)

So, here you go:
(This one’s based on my current state, not to confuse with my busy-ness)

How to act a perfect lazy and  waste your time, while you have heaps of sensible works to be done:
(By: A regular time-waster)

-          Refuse to leave the bed, even when you have slept enough and your head hurts with overdose of it, and the chirping of birds sound inviting.
-           Now when you can’t sleep more, just lay there and think of how useless your life is these days. Make promises to yourself, the ones you know are never going to taste reality.
-          Now that you are finally out of the bed, go sit on the dining chair with a sulking face and do just nothing for another 20 minute, or better stare at the change of seconds happening on the digital wall-clock.
-          Spend some good 10 minute, brushing your teeth, as if you are losing them the next day.
-          Finally, pick up your cell phone (You don’t need to do anything the whole day, after this).
-         Keep on switching the net on and off every hour.
-         Scroll through the WhatsApp contact list at least 10 times in a day, and don’t forget to open every new DP.
-         Drop the idea to compliment the friend, even if it’s a hell pretty pic but do expect a word or two for yours. On that note, keep changing the DP every two day, as if your existence depends on that.
-         Admire your own pictures for the umpteenth time.
-          Log in to Facebook , every alternate hour, just to scroll up and scroll down, roam around in albums of people, I don’t even text a ‘Hi!’ to, and then logout.
-         Start clearing your inbox when got nothing better to do, anticipating that someone might hack into your account any moment.
-          Fiddle with your phone’s inbox, very well aware that it’s just your network provider who loves you from the core of its heart to drop in messages on ‘Not-at-all-cheap cheap call plans’ or worse, on ‘Calculating your love meter’. -_-
-          Call up your BFF, and giggle on the same conversation you two shared online, the last evening.
-          Refresh your mail-box, hoping for some comment on your blog, when the last post you wrote has quite well become stale one month old thing.
-          Frame lines for a post on your blog, for the hundredth time in the last 6 months, only to never write it down.
-          Self-talking on how you have got to do something in life. It doesn’t matter if you really do anything for that or not.
-          Read blogs, admire (read: envy) them, and then forget to comment. (That’s on how to be lazy)
-          Read just 3 books in three months! (I hate myself for this :’()
-         Switch on the TV and keep hopping from channel to channel. Half-an hour into it, and you end up watching just ads.
-          Laze around the whole day, and sit down to write up a stuff with its submission deadline just a couple of hours away.
-         Crave for a simple pair of bread-butter, but decide against it just because the butter will take time to melt. (Okay, I added this one just like that)
-          Look at the disaster-stricken state of your room, give an expression of concern, and just move out of the room, obviously promising yourself that you’ll clean the mess once you are “free”.
-         Read the messages and timeline posts, you received on your birthday again and again. (Yea, I just grew up..umm..two weeks back. More on that soon, I ‘promise’)
-         Make flimsy posts like these and hold high expectations from the patient readers to leave a word a two, solely because you’ll soon be refreshing your mail-box.

Cheer up, dudes! My list just ended. And leave that, did any one notice I have curtailed my habit of using emoticons at the end of every other sentence? I guess it’s nothing more than another sign of laziness. -_- (I just used one. Yay!)

It’s a TATA now! If nothing else, just tell me I haven’t been behaving alien-like in all the above points.

Till the next serving,

SrishTi  :)


  1. So that's what keeping you busy?
    I was wondering where did you wander off! Phew, you are still home. :P

    Smileys is my area of expertise. :P
    Since you have mentioned it, I am obstructing myself from using them. #dontKnowWhy!

    I actually planned to give a comment to each point. But that would make me look too stupid.

    But cheers, you are back, I suppose. Hope to see more posts from you.

    P.S. : If you are wondering who this Blue Phoenix is, don't. Advise from me, I will keep on changing my name. OCD! *Sigh*

    1. Well, I already knew it's you. So, got saved from some effort. :P

      You should have commented for each. I'd loved to read it. :D And see, I am already back to using smileys :P

  2. HAHA! :D
    You're becoming so..... awesomely random :P I could connect with most of these points. We've all spent/wasted hours doing nothing!

    I guess it's just something that "happens". There's no obligation. Do what you like, when you like, and most importantly, DO NOT feel bad about it = awesome life. ;)

    (Refreshing mailbox just to see if someone commented? :P That's so me! )

    Keep writing! You'll get more comments that way :P

    1. Yea, I've stopped feeling bad about it. Cool, isn't it? :P
      I now know it quite well how we relate equally to those points. Hi5 for that! :D

      Thanks for that life-saving tip at the end :P

  3. End up with a "Wow !...or Ahh !"...your writings nonetheless, always regale its readers :)

    Undoubtedly absorbing and interesting piece of 'admission'...'confession'...'realisation'...which ever way you like to call it.!!!!! :P :D :D

    1. Hahaha!
      Your words are great!

      Thank you! :D