Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Soulfriend! :)

Crazy Ita,

A little more than a year back, while I was still busy cribbing over my monotonous college life, and questioning myself for the umpteenth time that what actually was my purpose in life, my life welcomed a storm. A storm, stocked in a human form. Full of life, madness and useless laughs, you decided to start a new chapter on pal-fulness with me. And since then, we crib about the college together. Cheers to that, love! :P

I won’t go all emotionally cheesy and say that you had been my best ever friend because as a truth, that won’t be fair. But, I can never deny even when I die, that I am having the best time of my student life with you. Okay, I admit I passed a little crinkling look at you when I first acknowledged your presence, for choosing the not suitable for the occasion song that you danced on, but that was pure misconception, okay? :P And moreover, to hell with the song (it wasn’t all), I loved your moves! :D  And after that, don’t know how out of the blue, we just got talking and it hardly took a few weeks for us to turn into ‘laughing-at-almost-anything’ duo. You are an awesome buddy, and I’ll always savour this :).

Going the clich├ęd way, I’ll thank you for:

Reading all my rant texts and ending up giving the same advice for different situations;
Empathising, whenever I cried (not literally) that College is bad;
Making me realise that College isn’t that bad, after all;
Reading my blog;
Giving me a chance to read yours;
Bringing me those dabbas full of Manchurian ^_^
Bucking me up to get serious towards studies (though you still have a long way to go);
Giving me a disgusted look whenever I thought I am worthless. (Well, now I don’t think that. I think I am hopeless too :P);
Mumbling the answer when I stood numb during the viva. It didn’t help, though :/;
Hating the ‘Engliss’ teacher, as soulfully as I do;
Telling me, time and again, that I am awesome B-);
Laughing at my earth-shattering silly jokes, and then telling that I suck at them :(;
Making me laugh at your even sillier jokes;
And finally for being the awesomely mad, ever-smiling/laughing friend that you are!

A very Happy Birthday, Behan wali friend! :D
I wish for you, great marks, more of my amazing company and a geeky guy, this year!

With lunchbox-ful of love,
Ti ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Whole Story

“........and that’s it. Now you know the whole story”, ended Samarth with a smile. Prachi looked at him, with a mixture of grin and grimace on her face. ‘Out of words’ best fitted her in that scene.
Samarth had been a friend, a very close one. They had known each other for years now, since the first time they were seated together in high school. And it had pulled off amazingly since then itself. Irritating it each other till brim, pulling legs every minute, and at the same time being the first in line whenever the other needed a helping hand. Such was their bond. With the passing years, nothing acutely changed. Even with the change in the friend circle, their camaraderie remained.

It was only two years back, that Prachi played the wrong card. Owning a fragile heart too much into emotions, she found herself beckoning to the cupid. Amidst all the fun, long talks and playful flirts, she started seeing Samarth in another light. His presence now sent jitters on her way. And as all this found place in her stories and poems, she was living in a completely new world. But it all remained just there, feelings scribbled on a few pages of her diary. Nothing bucked her up to voice it out, because she feared, feared being chosen by rejection. And eventually, she opted to glide away. His calls and texts were now mostly answered with a “Sorry. I am busy” reply and the flirts now earned a cold glare. It was tough on her part, but she decided to pull on.

And today, she found herself seated in a coffee shop with Samarth. Like numerous times in the last two years, she tried refusing the invite but he had insisted strongly, stating how much he missed her company and that he got things to tell her. And the emotional queen that Prachi was, she gave in. The talks surely started with a bit of awkwardness, but things soon fell into same friendly shell as they went on about their lives. Prachi felt a tug at her heart, as she realised how much she had longed for this comfort, but only till Samarth introduced a blow with his next words.
“Prachi, there is something you need to know”, he said with all the seriousness in his voice.
“Hmmm?”, she responded trying to sound calm, while her heart had started with a unique show of somersaults.
“I am getting engaged”, he paused and then went on,”The girl is Trisha, a family friend. I know this sounds weird, but we got acquainted a year back at a family wedding, and things gradually started framing up. And since she is leaving for U.S. in two months for her M.B.A. we decided to let the families know and they thought we should at least make this official”, he briefed with a slight smile but also a look of uneasiness. Prachi noticed that but contained herself from questioning and just gave him a congratulatory smile. Before she could speak up, he continued:
“That isn’t all, Prachi. Yes, I am too happy to have Trisha with me today. She is that sweet girl, who makes sure I always stay calm and smiling. But there was a time when I imagined to share those smiles with someone else. Yes Prachi, it’s you. I had liked you since the day I understood the gist of this feeling. Ever wondered  why I never got involved with any girl in college? Because I had my heart all reserved for you. Waiting for the right moment, was what held me from telling it all to you. I had decided to reach you when I was all independent with a job in hand. Remember, how you always said you don’t like guys pampering their girls with their Dad’s money?”

“Umm..yeah..but..”, Prachi started only to be interrupted by him again.“Wait, let me pour it all out first. You can then start lashing me”, he teased her as he continued, “But it all failed. Being a gentleman and waiting for the so called right time deceived me and I saw you drifting away. You started ignoring my calls, and never had time to catch up. I never got a chance to talk. My courage had all dropped down to zero, and I just couldn’t gather myself to confess, fearing losing my closest friend. And I just had to kill the feelings, only to meet Trisha sometime later. And you know, now it’s all fine and I genuinely love her. I thought you should know and that’s it. Now you know the whole story”, he ended with a broad smile.

Playing with the handle of her coffee mug, Prachi stayed quiet for a few minutes, wondering about the great twists of life. And then she spoke with a smile, “I really pity Trisha, you know. How on earth is she going to bear a headache like you, for the whole life! Thankfully, I was spared!”. Samarth looked at her with a “You are so disgusting” look, and the next moment both burst out laughing.

As she watched him waving at her from inside his car before zooming off, she responded with a smile. Only she knew, the smile was dipped in layers of pain for her own fate but happiness for him. "This wasn't the whole story, Samarth", she mumbled to herself, walking away. ‘The only solace being, the secret remained.’

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

55 Fiction-'The Biscuit'

I squirmed awkwardly as she blabbered about life. We were meeting after 4 years of college and she seemed renovated, with all the top  brands adorning her from tip to toe.

As our tea arrived, she nonchalantly picked a biscuit and dipped it into the tea just like the old times, and I just smiled. :)


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back with..errr..a rant!

*You don’t need to read this if you are conscious of spending your time judiciously. Else, you may carry on.*

Heylo fantastic people! How have you all been? Anyone got married? Anyone got hitched? Anyone got ditched? In any case, I hope you all still have the zeal to read me. Yes, is it? Okay, thanks! :D

So. I have been busy for past one week, or at least appeared to be so- One BIG achievement of this life. And what funded this deed was a camp I sinned to be a part of. Okay, did that ‘sinned’ make me sound like a ruthless, spoilt teenager? So be it. Ignoring the exaggeration, focus on the fact that yours lovingly is still breathing normal after one whole week of harrowing drama. If, as a result of sheer bad luck, any one of you is my college-mate and if you plan to join this camp in your future, then first of all, stop dreaming of a ‘bright’ future right away, and secondly a golden suggestion- join it only for the good food. And yes, also for a break from college. I bet you’ll worship me for this one.

Wondered enough what this exceeding drama is all about? Fine, I am spreading the details. That’s all I have got to do now. Stay only you have got time to spare (you know what I mean).
So, some time back while in my good spirits, I decided to sign up for  a particular social work camp, caring least to foresee the brain-hammering experiences our teacher in charge seemed to have picked up for us. Going by the name, I obviously assumed it to be something to help us reach out to the needy, in any sphere and make us do what we could best. And the plans too mirrored the same. It’s just that I had never known how to be a leech to a teacher. You know, saying yes with her yes, and no with her no. Sad life. So you see, I loathed being part of something that hardly was that it promised to be. It was, just a bit. Like, we did have an enriching day at an old-age home once, but even then the main focus was on great pictures for a great appreciation. Hell! (I say that ‘cause I was pulled in for this neck breaking task -_-). But, what else? While I had expectations to voice opinions in this week long camp, all I got was to be part of 7 days of energy wastage. One good idea the teacher had was to conduct surveys in this rural area, where we were required to commute to everyday. And as fate had it, the initial topic of ‘Primary Education’ given to our group was a flop, because the rural area wasn’t actually ‘rural’  and on the fifth day we were given another topic regarding the Voter cards, Ration cards, Pension plans etc of the residents. I certainly would have loved to contribute willingly to this, only if they hadn’t kept this stupid Poster-making competition 2 days before that, which God knows why amused me and I put in my stupid skills...and the results? Stupid biased judgments!
Anyways, I did play my part the next day, and continued the survey, just for the sake of it. It absolutely had nothing to do with what the ‘Madame’ had to say. And I am not pretending when I say the plight of the people there, especially the elderly ones pinched me when they looked at us with those hopeful eyes. Even after endless betrayals, they didn’t fail to trust us to help them reach the point of justice. That old lady who pleaded us to help her claim her pension, and that widow who hoped we’ll get her ration card made- they all stirred us to the core. And in that moment, I genuinely wished for our efforts to pay off well. And even with my growing dislike for the teacher, I hope she’ll not disappoint us, and for once will act rather than speak and be a true guide to us in this fight. If she does, I’ll take back my words. Till then let this be my second post in the second month of the second year of my blogging *pat myself on back*. I hope she’ll choose not to be like that main coordinator, for whom the sole purpose of such camps is just to ‘spread awareness’. Whoa! I bow down to your thoughts, sir. You may proceed. -_-

Huff! As the camp ends, I sit with this bag filled with more of ragged experiences, more of the four days which got ticked away, in chording out instructions we already knew, making a poster which was fated to face silly biasness, taking part in a rally (with the same posters)  which succeeded more in infuriating the traffic of people than awakening them, and lastly another lecture on how kind and good we students had been all these days. Well, thanks but we don’t feel the same, especially for you, teachers in charge of the other groups, who kicked  their students active especially and only at the time of lunch. Shitty world!

I have heard such camps change you to a good extent. And yes, it did. Initially, I joined it to work. Now, I just want the certificate and link off. I can do better alone.

I better seal it here, before I start describing how the first serving of the food always finished by the time me and my friends reached the front of the line. Okay, I stop.

[To anyone from the camp reading this, believe me I was just kidding to make up a post. I swear by the all the tyres of our coordinator’s car, I literally loved these days and have already started having flashbacks of memories. *sob sob*]

P.S.: I feel better. Phew!