Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye 2014

Another year breathing it’s last. A reason to thank my stars, simply ‘cause I am still living. No, I didn’t mean I was suffering from some terminal illness counting my last days all throughout the year. Just some heavy bags of stress from different sources. But none killed me. Phew!
And oh, by the way, don't you think the year passed by too quickly? No really, time is slipping by way too fast. I am just a few months from being a Graduate! I get a weird, aged feeling there :(
Even though I had been eagerly waiting for this year to end, since there are a plenty of reasons I hate it for (not that anything’s going to change), finally when it’s just few hours to a fresh start, I can’t help but feel a little glum. I mean, come on, we were together for one whole year! 2014 and me, that is.
Sure there have been high end dramas, life-shattering incidents, and what not in my life the past year, I just can’t be disgraceful to it considering the good times I saw. Err...enter the great crisis! Flipping back the pages of life this year, I see just a few chapters marked with smiles and sun shines. Rest all are torn pages. Pages with ugly scratches of time. God! That sounds so melodramatic. I hope none of you imagined me as one of Ekta Kapoor’s tortured female leads. Geeee! That gives me Goosebumps.
Okay, so all in all this wasn’t a great year for me- reason why I didn’t share Facebook’s year review on my timeline. Anyway they used my worst pictures in the review. I didn’t want people to scratch those wounds again. :’(

Back to the point, I was basically going to give a malign account of my overstuffed-with-boredom-and-(tearless)cries life, but all that seems to be falling back. In this moment, as I watch my fingers moving on the keyboard after so long, and as I feel my ears taking in the sounds of a beautifully soothing instrumental track from Highway, I find all the gloom hiding away. And there, I am not trying to play attractive with my words. I really feel that. Or else I would have been curled up in my blanket, too drained out after an exam, trying to sleep but actually tensing over the exam I have got on the very second day of the new year. My college rocks, you know? But no, I just won’t go there. Some other time. May be when I’ll be finally leaving the place.
So right now, even with a string of worries hanging right in front of me, I think I want to bid adieu to this year with all the bright thoughts. Getting over the sadness of probably not having the whole family around, I’ll make sure we wish each other at the same time, like every year. I’ll text people who try making me smile, even when they have a hint they’ll fail. I’ll call up friends who do the same this time every year. I won’t avoid the group chat my exam-tortured friends are planning to have. And even though it’ll mean a horrible end to the year, I’ll cook. In short, I won’t go in hibernation, as I was planning to. I’ll celebrate.

The coming year, I wish, brings:
New hopes
More vigour
Less anger
Least procrastination and laziness (tough one)
More focus
Kick to read more
Kick to write even more
Funds and chances to travel, explore, and well, repeat that.
The strength to hold on to my dreams
The charm to spread some happiness
Wisdom and brain to any idiot(ni) in my life
Some tasty, low on cost, as well as healthy food that makes you gain weight/Clothes that fit just right :/
A course book that doesn’t lull one to sleep
Good roads in my city
A good life, for one and all.

Cheers to the days that made us feel loved!
Cheers to the days we hope to live!
Thank you to all my friends and foes, alike, for adding to my life in whatever way you did.
Finally, thank you each and every blogger who reads me or whom I read. I genuinely admire you people for what you write, in your posts and in my comment box ;)

And sorry to anyone to whom I was a great pain or anything of that sort. I don’t think I’ll be getting better. Deal with it. :P

Bye 2014 :)
Forgive me for cursing you every other day. You should have been less mean.
But no grudges. I am a good girl. :D
I’ll miss writing ’14 in the dates :’(

Burying the bad memories, and clenching the beautiful ones,
Till next year,

Srishti :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bookstores: Are they Dying?

Living bookstores or online ones?
Quiz any book love with this question, and there hands will go high up for bookstores. But the irony is, most of us have actually put online stores on the heavier side. 
Is that like being mean to the bookstores of our city? Well, not exactly.

For more on this, read on my views here:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Bends

Uncertainties of life. Highs, lows, and little bumps, all clubbed together. Taking decisions in an impulse-regretting them-justifying them-finally choosing to let things be.
Taking a look back in this year, other than a  mundane routine, I see a heap of unexpected happenings-some surprising, some glum. A heap such huge, that it obstructs me to look across and get a complete figure of what I actually used to be. Right now I can imagine myself breaking free from shackles, slowly and slowly. It took time but I realized these are shackles I myself tied around me. No one ever asked me to. I just assumed that there were certain expectations from me. May be there are. But I want to hold them up without any inhibitions.
This year has been weird in ways I never assumed. On several occasions, I found myself enacting a person I never thought I would be. From minute to serious issues. It’s like, I had always been against the idea of being ‘that’ person. That person according to me was bad, or to certain extent evil. Long story cut short, I have since long been ducking behind a wall of self-imposed restrictions, with an unrealistic notion of an ideal self. And now, when I am mounting up the wall, to crawl out, things have started to appear vivid. I have finally come to accept that no one in this whole wide world lives with a bag of nil mistakes. We are actually entitled to commit them. How else are we going to learn our lessons? The point of realization is that it’s stupid to burden yourself under the load of this bag. You have to keep recycling it from time to time. These lines explain it best what I feel currently:

“When I let go what I am,
I become what I might be.”

                               -Lao Tzu

I finally feel like taking a plunge, attempting things I always portrayed negative, while they actually weren't. Taking risks is sometimes worth it. If it brings out some smiles, it definitely is.

 Pic Courtesy: Framed Figments

Minute steps, in oblivion
I know not where the road will end
Basking in an unknown enchantment,
This path lures me more at every new bend.

*Now about my MIA love, I've just been feeling numb. I’m worried about next year, about getting into a good college. And I am working too less to suppress that worry. :/
Tiring college schedule is depriving me of ideas. The only posts I have been writing are on topics given to me. I don’t know when I'll bounce back, but whenever I do,I want to write good. And yes, my Hill series! :D Now it’s only going to be continued as and when I get flashes of the trip. I realized, I suck at travel blogging :’D

Till next time

-Srishti :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Befriend with Care

A lot has been talked, debated and gossiped about Virtual Friendship.
This is just another try by a particular me :D

The world today is moving at quite a fast pace. And what’s moving faster is the overpowering clutches of the social networking sites. They have become one integral part of a major number of the living humans. Some dead too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram……a storm everywhere!
Well, my take this time is not on how good or bad social networking is for our health, wealth, or whatever. I’ll rather be spending a few paras with the topic ‘Virtual Friendships.

Now, when social networks are our concern then obviously the tag word here is ‘virtual’. And what follows the league is virtual friendship. When asked to me, I’ll always say I kind of don’t like the whole idea of making friends online. But the irony is, a good part of my friend list consists of virtual friends, courtesy Blogging. And for once, I don’t regret that.

To read more of this article, please visit Half Baked Voices, and do leave your valuable feedback there. Thank you! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Take a Hill Pill #2

Our first stop on the trip was Bhimtal, a lovely small town, 22 km from Nainital. With no plans to stay there, we gave the place around 2-3 hours breathing in the beauty of the lake. Random talks told me the lake used to be much more beautiful, just that it suffered ravages over time. In fact, such was the case with every lake I was about to see. Anyway, curbing my greed for some pani puri, because no one agreed to accompany me, I next found myself at a small tea and snack junction, near the lake. Though I am not a tea-person, I couldn’t hold myself back, eyeing the ambience. A cup of tea was a delight in that climate. The tea-point had this girl behind the counter, who caught my attention. She looked about my age and I suddenly was curious to know about her (No I wasn’t hitting on her. Remember, I too am a girl? :P ). Till that time being bad at striking conversations was the highest in my low points. But finally as were leaving and I reached the counter to pay, I managed to ask her name and as lame as it sounds, qualification. However stupid it seems in written, in reality I sounded cool and friendly, okay? Well, her name was Chhaya, and she had recently got her BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) degree, and was working as an intern in a hospital in Haldwani. When asked about her home, it was interesting to know that it was there in Bhimtal itself, and she was there on vacations and to learn driving. The tea-point was her uncle’s and she loved working there. I envied her lovely-chilly-hilly  life! Telling her a bit about me, and sharing our goodbyes, I left. What I loved about her was the way she held a smile all the time. I hope you read this someday, Chhaya. It was nice meeting you. :)

We next had on our list to visit my uncle’s college, before we headed for the Rest house. He had done his under graduation from BIAS (Birla Institute of Applied Sciences), not more than 10 years ago. (And yes, he is the same uncle who asked me to start a blog)
I remember, as a child, I used to be smitten by his narration, whenever he visited our place during vacations and with him came along some fresh Hill stories. Once, me and my brothers had gone all like buzzing bees around him when he bragged about his chance meet with Hrithik Roshan, who was there for his film, Koi Mil Gaya’s shooting. Such crazy fans we were!
The place looked quite serene with hills in the background, and the walk around the campus as we passed the tall trees, made me want to go back in time, take up Science, and end up taking admission in that very college. Exaggerated thoughts, I know. The place was enough spacious and green, with trees bearing fruits we’d be happy even getting a picture of. No wonder, the few students there in the campus were having a fun-filled evening sneaking into the orchards, plucking the fruits. It was a sight to watch when they were chased away by the guard. I wished to be a part of those giggles.

Inside the campus:

As we took back our steps to leave the place, I was at once reminded of the Brownie shop I had spotted just across the road while entering the campus gate. The chocolate wolf in me growled, and off went me and my brother, only to come back with two small pieces of Brownies with sky high price. Hail my Scrooge-ness! They tasted good, by the way.

Our stay was booked in a Tourist Rest House in Naukuchiyatal, managed by K.M.V.N, the Kumaon development authority. I mentioned the name because these guys have these pleasantly sober rest houses, almost everywhere in the Kumaon region, with up to date arrangements, and yes at reasonable rates. (That was some pathetic advertisement!). Anyway, Naukuchiatal is again a small town, some 19 kms from Bhimtal. It hasn’t got much for sightseeing, except the lake, which covers up for everything else. The lake has got nine corners. The name Naukuchiatal itself literally means ‘Lake of nine corners’. I couldn’t spot all the corners though.



By the time we reached the rest house, the evening had started to set in, and boy, it was some scene as the balcony of our rooms overlooked the lake. Heaven! The best time I had was when we went for a stroll in the night and I sat on the steps lining the lake and typed away the feeling, on my phone. (I couldn’t pen it down in dark). A peek into my thoughts that night:

“The silence of the night and the stillness of the lake bear their own symphony. With everything still, one would wish for the moment to stay, as it is. Twinkling of the lights at a distance, and their shimmering reflection in the lake...a sight to capture! Every being seems to be living a happy little life. While I see a couple (maa-papa) chatting away, a group of oldies laughing on topics skipping from family to politics, a guy (brother) busy in his efforts to get the best night shot, and little kids giggling and running around, I sit here in an aura of peace as an audience to the creaking of crickets, and nature’s melody”

And soon, the day ended as we looked forward to new explorations ahead.

P.S.: Some prayers for those troubled in the Jammu&Kashmir catastrophe. The heart aches hearing about the ruffle on such a beauty.


Friday, September 12, 2014

When it rains

Picture by: Shubhanshu Singh

Little drops,
They kiss the ground
Making a pool,
As they fall round

The sound of it,
When it rains
Eases for that time,
If ever there are pains

The heart,
It gets into a rhythm
All the dreamy dreams,
Line up in a tandem

Some solitude,
I look for
 As words come up,
  On heart and its war.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

To the Love we share :)

My ‘beautiful’ brothers :P

We have had the best of smiles together
We laugh with no bother
You guys, to me, redefine the word Brother.

Ever since I can recall, I have this tendency to get irritated hell soon. And you people, being the typical brothers, make the best use of it. And yes, I retort, mostly with a shrill putting in all the strength I have. But the truth is, it would have been painfully boring if we never had this element in our life. In fact I guess the most we talk is through the words we exchange during our spat. Now that’s what makes us WE.
The core thing is, however much we fight or swear to be the reason of each other’s death, no guy can love me the amount you guys do. It’s more than just use of sweet words, when I say that I want the guy in my life to be as gentle, witty and loving as my brothers. Sometimes it seems I am asking for too much, and then I realise I really am, because for someone to match your worth in my life, will be a waste try. Seems like I have to do away with you two only :P. When we laugh together, even the oddest  joke seems the funniest. There are some words only we understand, our exclusive vocabulary. We have our own definition of craziness. We are a trio of siblings that savours love for each other, without actually showing it out. We never knew to be cheesy with each other. If I have to tell the worst nick names I have ever got, hands down they’ll be the one I have got from you two, my brothers! But to be true, they sound much better than sugar-coated cute ones. Thanks for that!


There are times I act cranky and spit words out rather harshly, but I believe you guys know I never mean it by heart. At the end of the day, the truth is you two  are a pivotal ground in my life. Two extreme edges that keep me in place, and well there is a third one who is there even without letting me know (I hope you are reading it). You three know the exact trick to surprise me. Okay, that’s mostly just on birthdays and Rakhi. But nonetheless, you people are exemplary with surprises. Even a teeny gift equals to an infinite amount if I count the creativity, love, and effort put in it.
There is  lot more and still so less when I have to write to you guys. But there is one thing which is firm and dominant. You all are loved, with all my heart, smiles, and words. No matter how far we get away from each other in some time from now, the hearts are connected in a way, none can tamper. (But, but that doesn’t mean I am sharing all my chocolates with you -_-)

This is what I mean! :)

And this!


To all the crackling laughs we have shared, to all those dhansoo fights we have, to the late night cribbing sessions about people we mutually hate, and finally to the Brilliance that is US....cheers! B-)
And thank you, for the times you all have made stupid efforts to make me smile to wipe away any tear, for  the times you guys covered for my mistakes (if any), for reading anything I write (even if I have to coax for that), for convincing Papa to buy me a Scooty (this goes to you Bade bhaiya!), for every beautiful surprise till date,  for guarding me (goes to all three of you ^_^), for making me look pretty in your clicks, and of course, for being MY brothers :)

Happy Rakhi! :)

                                                                             Love in abundance
       Your Sister (who’s more like a brother)

*A blog post, because I know you chaps will love it! :D

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Take a Hill Pill #1

Wishes, when they come true, ooze out happiness like never before.

If  I am ever given a choice between loads of money and plenty of days in hills, chucking any second thoughts I’ll choose the latter. More so after finally having spent some beautiful days in the Kumaon hills. The last time I had been on a proper trip to a hill station was as a 4 yr old kid. It was Manali. Few years back, it was an expedition to Vaishnodevi which I thoroughly loved, the only dismay being not getting a chance to tour around Kashmir. And after that what I remember most clearly is my craving for any such place. Even the slightest prospect of a similar holiday resulted in me weaving endless plans in my head when everyone else used to retire to the bed. Over the years these self-talks changed from “I have to buy a hat, and a Capri set just  like XYZ for this trip” to “It’s gonna be such an amazing thing, sight of curvy roads, the feel of standing among clouds...”. What never changed was the thrill, and when I faintly heard ongoing discussions on a trip to Nainital and places around earlier this summer, it was quite a tough thing for me to suppress this thrill. I feared that getting overjoyed would definitely make the plan a failure, just  like it happened all these years. Only I know how I contained the happiness till the night before the journey, because finally when everything was all set, I could hold no more. I was actually happy to the extent that I didn’t want to sleep, dreading what if it was a dream no more in vision the moment I open my eyes next. But true it was, and this way I had the loveliest of my vacations in a long time, this June. I was so restless to get to the place that the road-trip seemed the most boring thing ever to me that time. Well, of course, only till the time we reached the destination. And then everything felt surreal. The moment I got a glimpse of the hill mounds when we were still driving through the plains, I felt a gush of unusual happiness. That feeling of ‘Yes! I am finally here’, with a content smile.
And as we started driving up the road, needless to say, I was stuffed with excitement. But, was also a bit spooked as I watched the height from the ground increasing at every little distance, only to get used to it in the next 10 days. In fact after a few days I suddenly recalled how scared I was the first day, and shared a laugh with myself.
Regarding the plan for the whole trip, I had very little idea, only knowing that the trip is going to be for a duration, much more than I had expected. Evidently, it was less than I wished for, because if one decides to consider that, then they’ll probably have to buy me a cottage in every hill station. I wish I could make a living by just sitting up there. :D

The sun set that evening promising some brighter days ahead....
Clicked at Bhimtal (Courtesy: Framed Figments)
The only low point of the whole tour was that there were a few places I wanted to stay in longer than the scheduled one-day stay. Some other time, I hope. Other than that those days will always come back as a lovely pack of memories, with slices of adventure, lovely as well as some damn scary moments, silent nights, cloudy mornings, smell of forest, beautiful roads, cute dogs, pine cones we were mad for, the numerous bottles of Coke we had, and a lot more!

Finally, starting from this post, I’ll try to record my happy hilly days in the most memorable way. Engrossing enough to read out to my kids in future :P And no, I am not going to go Mr. India-ish  again. I have to write this (more of a push to my own self).

With a promise to not bore and write better and more
(just focus on the rhyme),

-Srishti  :)

*The images I’ll be sharing are clicked by my brother. A few will be mine too. Feel free to pour a word or two. :D Visit the page link for better view of these and many more pictures.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Over a cup of Tea

We Indians tend to take our right to Freedom of Speech seriously. Talking, or better say chattering comes naturally to many of us. Well, before someone plans to bash me, let me clear that I mean it all in a good spirit. No offense.

When it comes to striking a good conversation, we’ll always find a couple of people around us, dying to let out stories narrating how their dog is the best in the neighbourhood being a rare specie, or how the daughter of their friend’s friend eloped with a guy , only to return 2 year later with a little kid, cute enough to please her parents’ bad temper. The axiom is that more often you are likely to not get bored for long, if you are travelling alone in a plane, train or a bus. Even in an auto ride back home, by God’s grace you’ll be accompanied by people who have pledged to keep you awake on the way. Heavenly souls. And if not that, you yourself may enjoy conversing with the autowallahs, and may be get an insight into their plight. It’s largely believed that sometimes talking to a stranger does wonders. 

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Liebstered, again! :)

Hola Amigos! :D
Even when I was off grid, yet again, this blogger friend remembered that I am lovable. Okay, may be she meant my blog. So, thank you Pratibha (Wingardium leviosa) , for nominating me for The Liebester  Award, which I accept with no grace but greed. This comes as a happy surprise because I had actually been missing award and award posts from people.
Oh I am so crazy about awards! :D

For this I thank, first of all, my readers...then, my mother, who thankfully hasn't disowned me yet for spending so much time on brother, who lets me use his system which is far better and faster than mine which makes me feel I am using a pen, my diary, my dictionary, my thesaurus, my specs, all the food in the world, water, air.
I’ll shut up now. K

And here Pratibha has come up with some interesting questions I’d love to answer:

Your favorite book and why?
Listing favorites is just out of my capacity. I end up loving every other book I read, for different reasons. I’ll better name a few loved ones:
A Walk to Remember (on the top, forever) for, I must say, everything. I loved Jamie as a person. I loved how Landon loved Jamie. The narration, the idea of leaving boxes at every shop for charity, at the starting of the year, the beautiful lines penned by Sparks, and a lot many things!
The Fault in our Stars, for its fresh story, jam packed with wit, romance, emotion and humor.
The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank). I read this one long back, and don’t remember the details well. But I remember loving it a lot.
A Tiger for Malgudi. You don’t always get to read such amazing pieces with a Tiger as the protagonist.
A Thousand Splendid Suns. The story promises to stir your soul. It happened with me, at least.
Those Pricey Thakur Girls. The book and its saucy!
And currently I am reading ‘Like a Flowing River’ by Paulo Coelho, and no prizes for guessing I am loving it, for the short stories and experiences he has shared. They teach a lot. I am sure very soon his other works will walk into this list.
It goes on and on....

One movie/book that you can read/watch any number of times?
A Walk to Remember. For obvious reasons.

Your favorite comfort food?
I am not much of a foodie, but I am in a serious relationship with Pizzas these days. I’ll anyway name a dessert. Chocolates! What else? :D
Provided they aren't much sweet.

Your favorite cartoon character?
Tweety. I don’t why. I love his cute look perhaps. :D
And also, I loved all the characters in the cartoons that were shown on Tiny TV....Oswald, Noddy, Bob the Builder.....

Your one Guilty Pleasure?
None, as such :D

One thing that you absolutely hate?
Whenever I have to lie. I make sure I do that rarely.

Why did you start blogging?
My maternal uncle asked me to :P
There were some kind souls who thought I write good, and when I showed him my silly poems with childish eagerness, he suggested me to start a blog, which I did, a good two years later K

You dream holiday destination?
Spain, and all the hill stations!

One thing that you want to change in yourself?
I want to get away with the low self-esteem deep rooted in me.

Most embarrassing thing you ever did?
Ssshhhhh!!! :P

Your favorite quote?
A tough thing again!
Okay, I’ll copy one from the ones I've pinned on the board just above my head :P
“The desert weed lives on, but the flower of spring blooms and wilts.” – Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner)
One more please :D :
“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world...but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” –John Green (The Fault in our Stars)

A good read, was it?

Okay, now everyone I read (and the ones who read me) deserves this one. But, but I am naming a few whose answers I’d love to read, and also those whom I perhaps haven’t nominated before :D
Red Handed (RED HANDED)
Silent Crusader (The Shaded Shadows)
Amrit Sinha (Live Your Life)
Privy Trifles (Memoirs of Me)

Congrats, people! :)

Here, the questions:

·         How would you introduce yourself to anyone?
·         What do you adore more? Your past or present?
·         Night, nature, rain or people? What makes you want to write a poem?
·         What kind of a person you believe yourself to be? One who gives in to the demands of the situation, or the one who stays stiff, come what may?
·         Best compliment(s) you got on any of your blog posts?
·         Do you like your name? If not, then what name would you choose for yourself, and why?
·         What controls you more? Heart or brain?
·         One book you think every living being should read at least once?
·         Your take on the inflow of so many phone applications?
·         A movie you wish you were a part of? And which character, of course?
·         A few (honest) words for my blog, please? (anything to complete 11 questions!)

Now, I know those were some completely out of sync questions. They are all random. But they did take time to be typed down, so nominees,  don’t try to escape them, okay? And happily pass them on to other lovely bloggers. :)

Thank you! :)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Everyone is Beautiful

Human race is materialistic. Profoundly materialistic. More often than not we are reined by physical beauty, of everything and to be precise, of our fellow humans. Happily not caring about the better aspects of one’s personality, we choose to judge a person by his/her looks. And here I am talking about the general human tendency. There are many sensible souls too.

What we often fail to register is that the actuality of a person lies beyond those looks. It takes just common sense to understand that the exterior gets blemishes, what stays strong all along is the interior. That is, thinking of a person and how well he/she puts that to live a life reflects the real beauty. Many a time the poor people around us are looked down as filthy beings. Why? Because their clothes are dirty and they eat dirty. If we are that tidy then how much of it do we choose to share with them? This being said about the class difference, some don’t even pay heed to people around  them. A schoolgirl with a hairlipped face gets the bench all to herself, not out of kindness, but because her snooty classmates find her out of place to fit in to their stature. And irony strikes in when that same girl, 10 years down the line comes up after a makeover. Ah! She’ll be talked to in a way like she was always sought after. Just that back then in school she seemed introvert. Claps to that!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

With people, it's Difficult

How easy is it to let go off people? Dramatically clich├ęd question. And I never thought I’d be asking myself this. But then there are a lot of things I never thought I’d be doing, like hardly writing in the 10 days since the vacations started. So yes, that’s me. And this me has been bothered with this question for quite long. And the inference is, no it isn't easy. When the person is close to your heart, whom you have pampered all these years like a little sister, who’s been the hoarder of your silliest secrets, it isn't easy. But it has to come easy at some point. And here it is. The moment I wished had reached out to me much earlier. But nonetheless it is here now. And I am ready to let go off her. We hardly have that friendly wave left between us, let alone being the Best Friends. The bond got killed somewhere in time. No accusations. No spits. Yes, it often pricks not knowing what actually went wrong, but it happens, and I think I am sensible enough to accept that. If I feel betrayed at moments, that doesn't mean she is all wrong. May be she gets the same vibe. Or may be, she doesn't care at all and has never considered the friendship as special. And lastly, not may be, but surely, I get over the top emotional. Having tried to clear things out, it didn't really help to bloom things the same majestic way between us. And now finally, it’s time I stop trying. And I have, and am glad.
Bitterness apart, I’ll make sure she never finds me out of the elder sister grandeur, and will always stand the same way with the same smile whenever she feels the need. After all, there are some relations you don’t make just like that. When approving of it, you might have made some oblivious promises with yourself. And here I guess I promised to keep my box of love always open, for the sister I could never have. It no more pains that she isn't a part of my crazy wishes, knowing nothing about my current life. This was how it had to be. :)

Just that.
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Amid this all, I have realized it’s not just her, but a few more people who chose to turn around and exit my way. Some for their own convenience and some for mine. And perhaps I was stupid whenever I tried stopping those people, acting desperate. I hate having ever behaved that way. I like the new me, no more wasting hours lamenting over people. May be I am doing the same to someone. We crib over old friends not being that much in touch. But give it a thought, haven’t you too made a new life with the new people around? Tag yourself intelligent if you are among the ones who live in the moment, and laugh with the present people, instead of crying over not being with the ones who used to be there. You are still good friends if meeting or talking even after a year long gap, doesn't change a bit. If you abuse and pull legs the same way, then mate, that’s a cool fate! :D There is one thing I am beginning to realize-> With people, it’s difficult. There are very few people with whom I strike the best balance. And guess now I need to make peace with that fact, and yes, keep these people tight close.

And now, enough of my blah blah. I don’t know what got into me that I sat down to type it all, when I have got to pack up loads for a family trip. Instant action, but wrong timing perhaps. God only knows what it was all about But you survived reading it till here, so I believe it was a good quality crap. And with this, I wrap.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are you a Complan Girl?

 Respected Complan people, the post in no way tries to take a dig at you. I promise, kids still trust you more  than their genes. They love "I am a complan boy". I love it too. So please drop the plan if you are thinking to  sue me.

To everyone who has asked me that question and to those who are intending to,

My height. Believe me, it’s nothing extraordinary. I merely stand at 5’8”.But the world around me refuses to let me live in peace with that. Okay, your daughter isn’t as tall, so that’s your bad you didn’t marry some Tall, Dark and Handsome uncle leaving that potbellied caricature kind of husband of yours. That doesn’t mean you leave your girl after me poking me with tips to reach my level. As if she really has the talent B-). Be happy with what you are kid. You look awesome that way (Grrr...I wonder how many girls I have lied to with that)

People around tell me I should be proud of my height. Really? What have I actually done to achieve that? For God’s sake, stop patting me for something that’s inherited. It does me no good. Okay, you think it’s a rare sight. Cool. Say a word or two, and please leave. I am in no mood to lay out my diet chart for you. When I retort like that, I know there are people mumbling curses for me and planning on what all spices to add and go demean me among others starting with how much pride I take in being tall. Well, in that case *knock knock* I didn’t even care about it till the time you parted your lips just to say “Hey Bhagwan! Kitni lambi hai!”. Arey isme bhagwan ki kya galti!

There have been instances when I have been so ready to just land a punch on some people’s face. But obviously, I can’t do that, because one, they mistake me to be generous and willing to answer their height queries, and two, most of the time they are relatives I am supposed to respect (I just hope none of them is reading this :-S). Along with annoyance, it also invites embarrassment. It all started when during my childhood, I used to stand taller than my brother, who’s actually a year elder. And as it is some unsaid rule, I was merrily assumed to be the elder one. In fact, during one such incident, to get an entry in to a fort, I was charged a ticket but he wasn’t. Do I need to say more?  Thank goodness, it was soon discovered he had some medical problem, and now, phew! He’s a level up. One problem solved, but what to do with the aunties and uncles who shoot arrows at me, every time I am forced to face them, with their seemingly favourite line “Ladka dhoondhne mein bohot problem hogi”, followed by a “Khi khi khi”. I really want to tell them aloud that we’ll find a match for me, just the way you’ll find one for your fat-nosed and makeup advertising daughter. Instead I just reply with a “Main khud dhoondh loongi aunty, aap pareshaan na hon”, obviously followed by a fake smile.

Fine, they can be forgiven, after all they need something to start their gossips, right? But what to do with those bunch of morons in restaurants, parks and outside the university gate, who get into this serious discussion on whether I look like Deepika or Anushka. Dump them in a bin, or directly kill them? And also those juniors, who come up to me with the question “Di, do you have this book?”, and end the conversation with, “Di, what’s your height?”, and that too when she herself is just an inch or two down. Some approach just to ask that.  Great! I am not giving you the book. And yet another type of bugs are those who find it really funny asking, "Can't you just lend me a bit your height?". Believe me, it's not funny. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

Why, o, why?
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No, no, my tall-tale doesn't end here. Don’t you want to greet the loveliest people of my life, who are the sole ones highly concerned about me? Well then, they are my classmates (and even few friends -_-), from junior school to college, who think I am wasting my time studying Psychology and trying to be Writer, when instead I should be pouting and blowing kisses to people I don’t even give a heck to, that is, join modelling. Now, don’t get me wrong there. I really appreciate models, for all the patience and vigor they carry. But you can’t be advising every other person who according to you carries an alien height, to shed everything and walk the ramp. And by the way, whom are they even suggesting that! Someone, who can put even a drunkard to shame, courtesy her walk,  and who is an enviable talent when it comes to sporting a Fashion Disaster. So unless and until you don’t want the stage to be set on a literal fire, save your preaching for someone worthy. And don’t worry, in case if I ever accidentally walk down the ramp, I won’t forget giving a sentimental speech equaling  my height, thanking you all for the encouragements you sent my way while bitching about me in your hostel rooms.

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Till the time I come up with my list on 'What all it takes to stand tall',

The Bournvita girl, now and forever.