Saturday, August 24, 2013

When I fell in love.......for the first time

It was during one of those interesting  classes of English when we met for the first time. Back then I was half way through my 8th std. Though the meet was just a momentary one, I’ll forever be thankful to the teacher who unknowingly made the introductions. Who knew she had helped stroking that color on the canvas of my life, which won’t faint even after so many years down the line. In fact, she and many such teachers are an important reason behind the permanence of our love.

The next year, there was a progress as another teacher played the cupid (again unknowingly) and made me realize the love, the love which perhaps had been wandering around for quite many years then, failing to gain my glance. The failure was more from my part, I believe. Constantly being average at school, and sometimes even below that, I learnt to reject my worth, even if I had any, and that barred the vibe from reaching me. But with the realization, the new found feeling not only enlightened me, it greatly helped me to groom up. While people (usually) fall back in everything else when they fall in love, I was being escalated in various ways.
Luckily, I seldom got to face my parents’ dissent. Rather they lent a hand in winding us together. Of course, we have had our share of imbalances and fallouts, and face them till date, with me living creased up nights, but some or the other way I am reminded to at least not lose trust in my own self, and things pick up again, with a better pace.

Now it’s been 5 years, and our love has only bloomed with time. Staying away at times does cringe me but that lets me have a one-on-one with that corn-sized brain of mine (corn, simply because I love it :P).
If  by any chance you refuse to believe this narration, your eyes and senses are an active witness of this love, whenever you people read me over here. And some of you love my love too, and I happily appreciate that. After all, it’s our fondness for writing which has bought us all together, no? ;)

Oh yeah! Your brain’s spotlight fell on the very right spot. It’s writing, my teenage to coming-age love, that I had been boasting about all this while. And few of my English teachers have actually been my godmothers in this regard, earning my perennial respect and gratitude for themselves. Their assessment of my writing skills through those ‘most of the time silly articles’ we wrote in examinations, pushed me to clear the dried out leaves off my path. Once, as a fun assignment a teacher asked us all to write a poem for our best friend. Back then, dealing with the complexities of a teenage mind, I was leading a ‘no best friend , only close friends’ status. That made me write a fictional piece, in which I was missing a friend I had lost. It was pure fiction (*touchwood*), but I felt like being ferried to just another world when I read my work, my very first poem! ^_^.

Picture source: Google images (what else!)

Now this can be called a safe-to-brag-about TRUE LOVE, can’t it? :D

So, what’s your story? How it all started? I would genuinely love to know. :)

Keep smiling.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Big Day

Brimming with fear, Pari took slow steps towards the dais. The day she had always had elegant dreams of, was here. Her ‘Big’ day. Only that it wasn’t anything big for her to celebrate. After pushing her heart towards undoable damages with a series of ups and downs in relationships, she had finally given in to her parents’ request of settling with a groom of their choice, a choice which she was completely unsure of.
Sitting down at her place facing the holy fire, she felt all her desires and dreams, which she had been watering all these years, gradually dulling away in the flame. A tear escaped her eye, but before she could feel it on her palms, there lay a strong hand. Totally perplexed, Pari turned towards the source, only to meet two deep eyes, full with love and assurance to pour into her hollow life as Akshay gave her broad smile.  At that very moment, she thought that may be this is the perfect epilogue to her dreams.

And she knew , her parents can never go wrong in finding her the right.

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