Sunday, July 7, 2013

Re-living the bygone days :)

Yawning intensely, I followed my brother strolling across the train coach, looking for our seat. Getting the window seat was the best thing that happened to me that morning, after forcing myself to get up at 4 to catch this train at 5:40. And since it was a chair car, I had the window all to myself. Awesomeness!
As we settled ourselves, I took my favorite position with palms beneath the chin and elbow resting on the window, looking out at the rail tracks. And just when I thought I was close to some peace, two passengers  on the back seat decided on some rivalry over the luggage space. “This is Indian Railways, and these are my fellow Indians”, I thought and shared a smirk with brother. Heaving out a sigh, I chose to get into the imaginative mode, framing how I wanted this desperately awaited one-day trip to my childhood city to be. It had been 8 long years since I left back our rented house, my lovely school, dear friends, those treasured parks, and all those amazing restaurants, as I bade goodbye to Gorakhpur, which no matter how small or a little passé city it is, has always had a specially reserved space in my heart. I grew up there, for the major part of my life. The house where we lived, for the initial 10 years of my life- it’s walls were my first drawing sheet, and it’s floor the first race track to me. My school, where I held a pencil/pen for the very first time; it made me meet my first ever friend, that girl with the dimpled cheeks; and the stage in the school, where I got to hold a mike, again for the first time! The roads, where I’d zoom around on my bicycle. And the significant most of all, the Gorakhnath temple in the city, where my parents prayed for me to come to this world as a girl (little did they know that this wish would come true in such a horrific form :P). The same temple was the location for the first ‘lost & found’ incident of my life, when I was merely 2 yrs in age. :D
So you see, the city is momentous as it gave me the crucial first experiences of my existence, and the list extends further, but I can already sense some of you dozing off, so not to worry, you are spared. :P

As I shuffled between the flashbacks, a novel and a few naps, hours ticked away, and soon we were just a short distance away from our destination. Looking at the forest running parallel to the train, I was quickly pulled back to the time when we used to picnic there in those years, and all those ghost stories associated with the place came running back to me. Nostalgia had started it’s course, and I smiled. With each passing second, my heart did a new thumping step, and I felt my stomach tugging in delight. It only got intense once we stepped off the train, and made way out of the station.

I had my stay planned at a friend’s place, the same ‘dimple-cheeked first ever friend’ :D. Climbing on to the rickshaw I realized not only has the place changed, I have changed too. The same rickshaw which provided me majestic space (once upon a time), now demanded me to sit with my back hunched (and people ask me to feel proud of my height :( ). But the flooding excitement to meet my childhood buddies rubbed off the discomfort.
Finally, after 4 hours of doing away with 1-2 other relatives, I reached her. And it was like, we had so much to talk but none knew where to pick up from. After every minute or two, we’d look at each other and give out a laugh, out of sheer delight of meeting after so long.  Later that evening we set out to meet another friend, at a mall which by the way was a new development to me. The get together lasted just for a couple of hours, but that evening was literally the best time I had in the last two months. The girls, though made me the target of their mocks, gave me memories to harbor.

The next morning was a peacefully fun one. Much to my friend SK’s dismay, I woke her up at an unusual early hour, but the wandering in a park thereafter, made it worthy. While I walked  from flower to flower with the camera in my hand, SK found it interesting enough to jump around and pull me to click every other object she spotted (revenge) :D. Later, the few hours before I left to catch my train were again some jeweled moments of laughs, teasing, high-fives , ice-creams and scooty rides, as one more chum joined the fun. The much wanted visit to our school was the best part, as we walked around the empty corridors, sharing memories that each one of us recalled. I was amazed to see that nothing much had changed, except a few small constructions. But yes, the park where we used to spend most of our recess time was now shelter to only broken swings :(. Nonetheless, it was fun. ^_^

Few words to these lovely girls, SK, SS, and AS, for their amazingness:
 (I’ll make sure all three of you read this :P)
Darlings, no matter how crazy you people are (especially SK), and how much you guys grazed on my brain, I simply am grateful to you three for spending these beautiful hours with me. Thank you for taking me back to the school memories by actually visiting the school; thank you for the treat (I consider it as one, as I didn’t have to pay :P), and SK, thank you for letting me ride your (extremely khatara) scooty and making me realize that such junks are faithful just to their owner (Aah! My feet still hurts) :P. And finally, thank you for dropping me to my stop safely , in that restricted time :P. Plenty of love, ladies! <3

My class room when I was in std. 4th  :D

This , as I may summarize, was my short but cheerful trip to my childhood city, adding fresh instances to the golden collection of past years. This chapter, whenever I open, I know will certainly give me many reasons to smile, and even cry, for I will miss it all. But for now, all it deserves is a smiling end. :)

Cheers to Childhood!

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  1. That was such a sweet tribute <3

    Childhood, school, friends and other such things never come back in life. It is like being in one of the golden phases of our lives.

    Nice post... made me nostalgic and guess what I am in my childhood city as I write this now... I guess time to visit my school now :P

    1. Oh Wow! Yes, you must visit. It'll be fun! :D

      Thank you so much Me! :)

  2. Lovely post, finally up! :D Loved reading about your nostalgic trip. It was like I'm right there with you. Awesomely described! :') Khatara scooty faithful only to the owner? :P Hahaha! I'm loving the way you write. :D So happy reading this, I'm sure you're charged and energized with this bout of happiness! :)

    1. Yup, finally up! There had to be an end to my laziness :P
      Wow, you really felt that way? I being there with me? That's an awesome compliment!
      And I am super glad you are loving it, thank you so so much Ashna! :')

  3. Amazing description ! Lovely! Reflection of ur true feelings!

    1. Thank you Rati! Thank you so much for reading this. :)

  4. this is surely not our school classroom..-_-

  5. I loved the way you've described your time with your best buddies, it feels great, doesn't it? Meeting old friends and reliving those wonderful memories, which you made back then, whilst you were actually unaware of their priceless worth....:)