Wednesday, June 5, 2013

For God's Sake!

Hello people! How’s everyone? Maze mein? :D

After having two different flavors of ice-cream (yum!) , and one still chilling in the freezer (my throat went sore, and it didn’t permit more :’( ) , I am feeling super energized, and am here to extend this energy to you all. Yes, I am again up with some ‘gyan’ post, like that “All-Smiles” one. :D

Okay, now, constantly being stirred by a single thought since last 4-5 days, I was forced to think how easily we blame God for every other mishap in our life. Okay, that’s an old chestnut but I believe you agree that the fact that we humans prefer to disturb God the most in every sour moment of our life, even in the case of a little scratch on the knee. Trust me Mr. Victim, that scratch is because you tripped on the damaged road, which is an eternal gift by some government authority who, by no means, are even a resemblance to God! Spare him!  And when it’s party time because your darling son finally qualified to be an I.A.S., the same God stands last in the gratitude list , as it’s the highest need of the hour to text and telephone every other person on the contact list, and stuff them with the details on how well the effort has paid off! Not even that plumber who came to fix the tap of the son’s washroom, last year, is spared. After all, if he hadn’t done the deed, the son would have had to cut off few minutes of his study time to walk up to another washroom, nahi? :P
Anyway, from all this overplay, what I actually mean is, we should have some mercy on the divine. He never signed a deal to stay aligned with each step of ours. Going by the old belief, god’s a supreme power whose sole aim is to be the guiding force in his children’s life. The one who believe in him, believe that they’ll be punished if they deviate their path. And it’s the fear that holds them firm. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll drag him to the culprit zone every time we face a blow. Why not just thank him for saving us from the just next bad stage where we could have been standing? Writing all this, I admit I too have been one of such persons, having a one-sided quarrel with the idols in my home, whenever I experienced a setback, may it be the poor performance in exams or a  betrayal in friendship. And I regret that, from heart. Some time back, a satisfactory conversation with me, did make me realize that all those failures were the results of my own imperfection. I scored less, because I concentrated less. I face betrayal, because I leave myself vulnerable. And it were the never expected successes constantly making way into my life account, that pulled me to the reality. We always have the opportunity, it’s just that we don’t try hard enough to realize what we deserve.

Another tendency we hold is to cry for what couldn’t be ours. Again I had been the preacher of this notion too, always fascinated by a better life. But, does any of us knows the end of this ‘better life’? I never realized till a few days back that how blessed I am to have everyone close to my life, still around me, laughing and living with me (*touchwood*), while even some of the purest souls have to go through some grievous loss. Human loss is something I fear the most :-I.
 You all might be acquaint with the phrase which is something like this: “In order to make larger in life, we often forget to enjoy the little things”. This simple line has such an impactful message, and I don’t feel the need to elaborate it. All I’ll say is that once in a while we must thank the almighty for these little happiness.To me, these tiny bits make the best memories. :)…like having three ice-creams a day! ;)
Why run after the ‘best till-date’ technology, when what people are going to remember us for, is our content smile, and the cheerful air about us! So, try to side kick the little notches that come your way and celebrate your life, for LIFE is what you make it! :)

“It’s better to live life accepting what we have, rather than wasting time mourning over what we don’t”.

With this I put an end to this wisdom session of mine. Though I guess I messed up the gist but still hope you had a nice time reading it (Please please, say YES!).

P.S.: While writing the parting note, I had already started dreaming of the wonderful comments I am going to read, so be a good girl/boy, ok? :P

P.S.(i): The P.S. was just fun intended. Please pen down your take. :)

Thank-you !



  1. Thank you god for this wonderful post. :)

    See srish, i am so moved that I have already started thanking the almighty for every "little bit" of goodness. :p

    Honestly, nicely written. thumbs up! :)

    1. Glad to see you here Manan. :)

      Thank you so much. And yes, keep thanking god like that...unhi ki wajah se IIT mein ho :P

  2. Thank You for the gyan , Ma'am.
    And Yes, I had a nice time reading.

    So, for that... *Sends 2 ice-creams* .

    That is the harsh truth of life. In good times, we remember none other than ourselves and in good times, for each single incident, we blame it on the Almighty.

    Nicely written.
    And yeah, don't eat too many ice creams on a single day. #JustAnAdvice . Because like you said, it gives you soar throat and tonsils, may be, I guess. Now we don't want that, do we?

    Well anyways, Take Care and keep writing. :)

    1. Thank you for this comment Ajay. :)

      Sorry, can't take this advice. Ice-creams can't stay away from me, you see ;). Yup,I'll be careful. :)

      Thanks again.
      Take care. :)

  3. We all need someone to blame. And preferably someone who would not talk back or argue. See, you have your answer :)

    Get well soon!

    1. Wow! Never thought it that way. Thanks :).
      But then, little bit complains, once or twice looks fine, but blaming for every other wrong isn't a good idea, don't you think? :)

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post! Until a couple of years back when I used to create and pen down quotes I made, there was this one, "We curse God for giving us a scar, we don't thank him for saving our lives". Very similar to what you mean.

    As for the little things part, it is ABSOLUTELY true! Being content with what you do have, living life EVERYDAY is what matters, instead of working like an ass for years just to achieve something you thought looked great from a distance. I'm so so so glad you think like that. :D I've got this small reminder on my blog since forever, "Little things are the key to bigger happiness". It's just THE mantra. :)

    Love the way you write. It's getting awesomer by each post. Keep writing!! :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's such a nice line! Thanks for sharing, Ashna. :)

      Yes, living life 'Everyday' is what matters. I second your thoughts. In gathering up for a better life ahead, we miss on today's happiness, which is sad. :/

      And, THANKYOU so so much for the compliment. I hope you know how much it means to me. Thanks! :)

  5. Lovely write up!

    I call this victim mentality and I hate it a lot too :)

    And may I join for the icecream puhlease?

    1. Thank you Privy! :)

      Please! You are most welcome. We'll have a special ice-cream party whenever we meet! :D

  6. It's a funny bizzare mom says that's God doesn't answer to our prayers easily as we are becoming selfish and ungrateful day by day..btw nice post shristi!

    1. Thank you Namrata. :)

      Ah! Your mom's right, may be.We should try and lessen the burden on God. He has a life, too! ;)

  7. “It’s better to live life accepting what we have, rather than wasting time mourning over what we don’t” - how true is this. Life would be so much easier if we live with a smile in our face and an acceptance in our hearts !!!

    1. Thank you for the comment. :)
      I agree with your thoughts. Smiling and accepting the truth makes half of the things easier.

  8. The P.S and the P.P.S gave me such a pleasant smile that I think I need to thank God for making me read this post today. Right Srishti? ;)

    Well, I am having so many answers and thoughts after reading this post. It's obviously beautifully penned down with pleasant candidness! But I think I'd just say what I believe in...Whenever you're sad, happy, aloof, cursed, heartbroken or anything, just stop for a moment and close your eyes. Thank God for giving you this situation and having you learn something new about you and life. And tell him that you'll deal with it and it'll be okay anyhow. You'll see the difference. :) And then maybe the mighty would feel a tad bit lighter too!

    You'll see when you close your eyes that how only those little things in life come in front of you. :)

    Keep smiling! Cheers!

    1. Really Rachit? :D Thanks!

      Thanks for sharing this idea. It really seems good and promising. I'll definitely do that the next time I feel trapped. :)

  9. Replies
    1. Waah re! What a comment!
      Love you for this :P

  10. Okay I will lay it out straight. Just Flat out straight. Srishti THERE IS NO GOD. Humans are so damn afraid that they've created a mythical character so that someone makes them feel secure.
    You've pretty much guessed by now that I'm a big time atheist.But trust I wasn't like this always. When I was young I was so devoted that me and my friends used to create temples with marbles and stones and whatever we could find. But then, shit happened. And I became an atheist. And take my word for it, there ain't any GOD.
    Too much of gyaan. Sorry for that.:)
    Oh! And one more thing. Thanks for leaving behind those wonderful comments.
    Cheers mate. Happy writing. :D :)

    1. I get your point buddy, and it's truly fine. :)
      I am no blind believer and also none of those who spend more time in 'impressing' god than really doing the work.
      It's just a personal view, and I guess I am free to express that, and you are free to give your opinion. :)
      Thanks for the visit, and yeah..welcome! :)