Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's Up!

Hello again people!
Having done with the Award post, I feel extremely relaxed. And it’s party time buddies, since my PC and the net connection agreed for a bit of cooperation and I am finally back to blogging! :D. It’s like getting to meet your bestie after an intolerable gap. Oooh! I missed this place so much! I kinda felt extraordinarily happy after having a proper look at my blog, after so long. :)

Let’s now have some updates on what actually I had been doing all these days.
The first year of college finally got over, some 15 days back (Can you believe, I have been into this nothingness business since 15 days?! :O). Now, I am still not over the fact that all this happened so speedily. I mean it seems like we had just started adjusting in the new space, and a session came to the end! Really fast, I must say. As some of you must already be knowing, I am not too much (not at all)  sweet-mouthed about my college, and the University, altogether. Still, I can’t deny the fact that it’s been a whole new experience, these 8 months. So, to review all the happenings all these months, and moreover to kill my time, I’ll come up with a series on the First year at college (naming, yet to be done) in the coming days. I guess it’s gonna be some good fun.
Next, me and my friend AJ, had been planning, unsuccessfully, to make these vacations worthy. We tried on quite many things, not literally, just picking up different ideas every other day, and chatting about it for hours, and eventually dumping the plan. A marked evidence is our plan to roam around the city (Varanasi), and come with write-ups about the place. We decided  on every possible design, from posting it on blog, to come up with a short magazine (AJ’s idea) on the delicacies of the city. But alas! The ever-rising temperature and our‘always give-up’ attitude wrecked it all. We then scowled on not being able to find an apt. organization to at least get ourselves involved with some internship. And when contented with that, we have been passing the last 10 days, discussing about the new trailers of Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, with she gathering herself to unite me with RK, sometime in my life,, anyhow! :D. By the sound of how she swears it, it really seems possible (I hope! I hope!).  So overall, am doing nothing, not even reading. Yes, but spending more than usual time in kitchen and stuff, and my room looks better than always. (Not that it’s all tidy…just a bit better). And then, I had thought on visiting places, my decision changing with each day, and as for now, I have to bear with another travel-less vacation, it seems. :/
Talking of some change, I am finding myself surprisingly stuck with music (I am not much of a music person), and very less of television (that’s totally WOW!). But yes, it’s time I get myself a good reading dose. Had been dying to get a copy of ‘The Fault in our Stars’, but couldn’t manage. Hope we meet soon. :-l. After reading ‘Remember Me?’, by Sophie Kinselle, I am very much apprehensive of picking up any novel without going through a number of reviews. And ‘The Fault….’ (thankfully) passes that stage.

Humph! The days aren’t that gruff, as I foresaw, so am actually having a nice time. I am getting ample time to interact with my new friends over here. And I feel blessed enough in getting to know these two people in the last few days- Privy and Ruya. You guys are amazing, note that! :).
A month and a little more of endless ideas  never meant to be executed, and I’ll be back to the sweet-sour reality. Looking forward to a fun-filled session ahead, obviously with no trace of the previous year (results aren’t out yet, and I fully hope I performed better than worst).

That’s it for tonight, folks! You really read all of it? :O SALUTE! :P




  1. Wow!! :') Honored to be mentioned Srishti ^_^
    It's been to get to know you too :)

    I know... we're all vella these days :/ But being vella has its charms :P

    Chal, hope you find something interesting and constructive to do with your holidays!! Have fun!!

    1. So right! It has it's own charm. And am actually all okay with it, unlike the post-boards days.

      Let's see if I let something useful creep towards me. :D

  2. What's Up? Nothing Much. Just the usual boring life (That's my side of the story)

    *Salutes Back* for sharing your post. :P

    Holidays are like that. Before they start, we have already plans for each and every day. But when they do come, it would be just before the last day of the holidays we realize that we ( or say I ) didn't do anything. Well, Happy Holidays, and hope you get to do whatever you had planned.

    Take Care. :)

    1. Yeah. Right you are. And am actually in no ranting mood this time. Sonetimes doing nothing has can also be fun :D

  3. *Accepting your salute* because yeah, I read it all :P

    Happy Vacations. If going out doesn't seem like a happy option, stay home and cook up stories ;) (and food, like you're doing).
    I guess you're just getting used to the wella time we get in vacations. That is also needed sometimes. ;) Just relax and blog! <3

    PS- You got an award, over at my blog. :D

    1. Thanks for the's you people who help in running this blog :P not courageous enough to step out in this heat, and yup, this year's vellapanti is far better. Bas I need to get something good to read!

      Thakuu for the award. ^_^

  4. Good to have you back :-) and I would be waiting for the write-ups about your place :-) I had been to Varanasi once, loved it :-)

    1. I can write it only if I step out...and I have not being doing that. So. I guess I too will be waiting :D
      Yup, a real nice place it is! :)