Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gratitudes, Apologies, and a little bit of Me :)

A biiiig Hieee everyone! It’s been so so long since I last posted, or even typed anything! And I really deserve a few smacks from the four lovely ladies and ‘The Guy’ (in the Hat), for not being able to pay them a proper gratitude for the award they surprised me with..more than..err..a month back..:-l. But, but, Better late than Never! :)

So here comes my thankyou speech…
*throat cleared, dress set, mike checked*

Aah! Such a heavenly feeling it is. Not always do you get lucky enough to even think of a merry dance with your semester exams doing a taandav on your head. But thanks to the blog world, and, of course , the four admiringly talented bloggers of this world, Aaekay, Privy Trifles, RuyaPreetika, and Namrata, for re-spiriting me in those pre-exams dingy days, with the LIEBSTER BLOG award. Thank you very much! What can be more enthralling than being told that your blog is loved! Then came The Guy, in his Hat (:P), being extra damn good to endow me with the VERSATILE BLOGGER award. I swear this is the most I can ever ask for. Thanks a tonne for this one, Ajay. :)
These nominations always work as a buoyant force for me to keep writing. And yess, they help greatly when I don’t have a single thing to post. :D
Thanks once again, and with this I proceed on to answer the set of questions awaiting me. No, I didn’t feel like skipping this part at all, as I have total vacancy for any work these days - Too bored of getting bored! :/

(For Liebster Blog Award)

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Already done. Thanks again! :)

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
Isn’t 11 a big number? It is..when you are forever unsure about yourself. Still..
§       Talking about random facts, I am too ‘random’. I can’t live organized. Even my wishlist is random, nothing comes first.
§        I can’t lie. Means, I just can’t lie. There was a time when I couldn’t even lie about eating one extra candy without mum’s permission.
§        I am too much into under-estimating myself. It’s too difficult for me to accept my own good traits. :/
§       Reading is my childhood love. It started with Champak. :D
§       I have an OCD for washing hands, and checking the gas stove knob, time and again.
§       Tags of the dresses I buy never see their way to the dustbin. I collect them to use as a bookmark. :D
§       Love bangles! Though I hardly get to put them on, but nevertheless love to store them.
§      Am a total junkbox- from unused sheets of a notebook to empty cans, I keep them all just in anticipation that they can be big help someday in my life. :D
§      I can never let goof any gifts received. And cards! I cherish them! Lately I’ve started keeping even the wrapping papers…safe in the locker. (I know…m too much!)
§     Wishing on birthdays is an unavoidable ritual for me.
§      If you ever find me doing nothing (that is, most of the times), remember, I am in another world. A big time day dreamer!

3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you have been nominated.

(By Privy and Namrata)
   ·                     Why did you start blogging?
I love writing, and I hope for people to love my writings too.

   ·                     You are getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice? Where will it   be and with whom? 
Just for two? :/….I’ll better wait for my guy then, and take him along to somewhere like Mussorie or Manali.

   ·                     Dog or cat? And why? 
None. I have pet dog at home but it irks me as I can never tolerate when it gets all mushy, their favorite play.

   ·                     Half a million dollars for slogging for 6 months year or a week’s peace on the beaches of Bahamas? 

   ·                     What is your deepest fear? .
Losing my beloved ones.

   ·                     How did you propose your girl/guy? Or how you plan to do so? 
No plans, as none of my plans have ever felt the victory.

   ·                     One ‘Ctrl + Z’ moment of your life? Something you want to undo if you had a choice?
Some wrong decisions, out of immaturity.

   ·                     Who is the most ‘marriage-able’ celebrity? 
Ranbir Kapoor. Now that his new flick is just a few days way from release, I just can’t get over him!

   ·                     One thing that can take you to the ultimate heights of fame? 

   ·                     Do you follow any sports, team, club or a person? Why this love started? 
None as such. But time and again I keep googling about a few selected B-town stars (read: mostly RK ^_^)

   ·                     Did you like coming to this blog? And will you visit again?
Any doubt? :D

(By Ruya)
1.        Other than writing, what is the one thing/activity in life you can’t live without? (guys, don’t act smart and say stuff like- food/water/breathing  :P)
Talking. :D

2.   If there was a complaint box where you could drop in complaints regarding your life, what would you complain about and why?
Recently, I have done away with holding grudges with life. Let’s accept LIFE…as it is. :)

3. Share a quote/movie/song/book that always inspires you.
Discover your Destiny, by Robin Sharma.

4.   What’s your favorite childhood memory?
The Christmas and New Year party we threw in our colony, in year 2004.

5. Name a fictional character you’d like to switch lives with and why?
Jamie, fro A Walk to Remember. She is solemnly beautiful.

6. What brightens your mood when you’re angry or dejected?
Stupid dancing to bollywood tracks, or a chat with few considerate souls.

7.   Do you think compromises and adjustments are necessary for relationships to work? Why or why not?
If for relationships like that with your family or friends calls for you being yourself, then why bring a change in you for a relation equally close to your heart. After all, you can’t stay happy pretending what you aren’t.

8. Given a chance to relive one day of your life, which one would it be and why?
Its actually ‘days’. That one week with my cousins, in the last summers. :’)

9.  What’s your idea of fun?

10. What’s the qualification for being your Perfect Guy/Girl?
The specifications I hold are ‘nearly’ impossible to be fulfilled. So I better keep them to myself. :D

11.      If you were given a chance to take revenge on someone, who would they be and how would you do it? (if you don’t wish to give the name, you can just state what the person did)
None. I am glad I have never had a tussle with any being. Even if any person ever served me with annoyance, I’ve always learnt something from it, later.

4.Nominate 11 new bloggers.
Almost all the lovable ones ones have already had the treat, so, I am skipping this part.

Hope you had a nice time with this post. Well, I had, while writing it! :D

Thank-you! :)



  1. Heyyyyyyy I cannot tell you how does it feel to see a post from you finally!!

    Congrats, congrats, congrats, congrats and congrats!!

    And noooo we are not smacking you, rather we might just HUG you tightly for being so adorably sweet.

    Cheers to many more of such awards to come your way.

    Glad to know a lil bit more about you...

    HUGS <3

    1. Awww! A big hug back to you! :)
      Thankyou so so much for this sweeter than sweet comment!

      Even I am beyond happy to be back! :)

  2. OMG!!! FINALLY!! I thought this post would never see the light of the day :P
    And for that, I'm gonna put on unabridged music and you'll have to dance, 'unabridged' :D :D

    the 11 random facts: I can see soooo many similarities between us. Hi 5 girl!!
    And good answers!!

    Hope you'll write more frequently :P
    See ya!!!

    1. Hey! A big sorry for keeping you waiting, but my PC u see :/
      Anyway, m back now! :D

      Hi5 back to you! :D..and challenge readily accepted! Bring it on! ;)

      Thanks! :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well, Congratulations 5 times Over .

    Looks like you are a far better writer than I thought. 5 Awards! My total count isn't that number that you earned in a week's time.
    So, Keep up the good work.
    And I guess there were no questions from my side, right? Next time, I will make sure of it. :P

    Well, Keep Writing and Take Care. :)

    1. Thankyou! :)

      You really think so? Am superglad after reading this! Thankyou! ^_^

      Yup. You passed on the awards, all in a hurry, so good for me :D

      Keep reading! ;)

    2. You are welcome.

      I don't think so. I know so. :D

      Yeah. I had some other plans. So, couldn't. And yeah, I am not that easy get away. I will be back with the questions. So, you gotto wait a lil' bit ma'am.

      Yeah I intend to. :)

    3. Haha. Thanks!

      Ohh! No problem...I'll be waiting for them. :D Be quick!