Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's Up!

Hello again people!
Having done with the Award post, I feel extremely relaxed. And it’s party time buddies, since my PC and the net connection agreed for a bit of cooperation and I am finally back to blogging! :D. It’s like getting to meet your bestie after an intolerable gap. Oooh! I missed this place so much! I kinda felt extraordinarily happy after having a proper look at my blog, after so long. :)

Let’s now have some updates on what actually I had been doing all these days.
The first year of college finally got over, some 15 days back (Can you believe, I have been into this nothingness business since 15 days?! :O). Now, I am still not over the fact that all this happened so speedily. I mean it seems like we had just started adjusting in the new space, and a session came to the end! Really fast, I must say. As some of you must already be knowing, I am not too much (not at all)  sweet-mouthed about my college, and the University, altogether. Still, I can’t deny the fact that it’s been a whole new experience, these 8 months. So, to review all the happenings all these months, and moreover to kill my time, I’ll come up with a series on the First year at college (naming, yet to be done) in the coming days. I guess it’s gonna be some good fun.
Next, me and my friend AJ, had been planning, unsuccessfully, to make these vacations worthy. We tried on quite many things, not literally, just picking up different ideas every other day, and chatting about it for hours, and eventually dumping the plan. A marked evidence is our plan to roam around the city (Varanasi), and come with write-ups about the place. We decided  on every possible design, from posting it on blog, to come up with a short magazine (AJ’s idea) on the delicacies of the city. But alas! The ever-rising temperature and our‘always give-up’ attitude wrecked it all. We then scowled on not being able to find an apt. organization to at least get ourselves involved with some internship. And when contented with that, we have been passing the last 10 days, discussing about the new trailers of Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, with she gathering herself to unite me with RK, sometime in my life,, anyhow! :D. By the sound of how she swears it, it really seems possible (I hope! I hope!).  So overall, am doing nothing, not even reading. Yes, but spending more than usual time in kitchen and stuff, and my room looks better than always. (Not that it’s all tidy…just a bit better). And then, I had thought on visiting places, my decision changing with each day, and as for now, I have to bear with another travel-less vacation, it seems. :/
Talking of some change, I am finding myself surprisingly stuck with music (I am not much of a music person), and very less of television (that’s totally WOW!). But yes, it’s time I get myself a good reading dose. Had been dying to get a copy of ‘The Fault in our Stars’, but couldn’t manage. Hope we meet soon. :-l. After reading ‘Remember Me?’, by Sophie Kinselle, I am very much apprehensive of picking up any novel without going through a number of reviews. And ‘The Fault….’ (thankfully) passes that stage.

Humph! The days aren’t that gruff, as I foresaw, so am actually having a nice time. I am getting ample time to interact with my new friends over here. And I feel blessed enough in getting to know these two people in the last few days- Privy and Ruya. You guys are amazing, note that! :).
A month and a little more of endless ideas  never meant to be executed, and I’ll be back to the sweet-sour reality. Looking forward to a fun-filled session ahead, obviously with no trace of the previous year (results aren’t out yet, and I fully hope I performed better than worst).

That’s it for tonight, folks! You really read all of it? :O SALUTE! :P



Gratitudes, Apologies, and a little bit of Me :)

A biiiig Hieee everyone! It’s been so so long since I last posted, or even typed anything! And I really deserve a few smacks from the four lovely ladies and ‘The Guy’ (in the Hat), for not being able to pay them a proper gratitude for the award they surprised me with..more than..err..a month back..:-l. But, but, Better late than Never! :)

So here comes my thankyou speech…
*throat cleared, dress set, mike checked*

Aah! Such a heavenly feeling it is. Not always do you get lucky enough to even think of a merry dance with your semester exams doing a taandav on your head. But thanks to the blog world, and, of course , the four admiringly talented bloggers of this world, Aaekay, Privy Trifles, RuyaPreetika, and Namrata, for re-spiriting me in those pre-exams dingy days, with the LIEBSTER BLOG award. Thank you very much! What can be more enthralling than being told that your blog is loved! Then came The Guy, in his Hat (:P), being extra damn good to endow me with the VERSATILE BLOGGER award. I swear this is the most I can ever ask for. Thanks a tonne for this one, Ajay. :)
These nominations always work as a buoyant force for me to keep writing. And yess, they help greatly when I don’t have a single thing to post. :D
Thanks once again, and with this I proceed on to answer the set of questions awaiting me. No, I didn’t feel like skipping this part at all, as I have total vacancy for any work these days - Too bored of getting bored! :/

(For Liebster Blog Award)

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Already done. Thanks again! :)

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
Isn’t 11 a big number? It is..when you are forever unsure about yourself. Still..
§       Talking about random facts, I am too ‘random’. I can’t live organized. Even my wishlist is random, nothing comes first.
§        I can’t lie. Means, I just can’t lie. There was a time when I couldn’t even lie about eating one extra candy without mum’s permission.
§        I am too much into under-estimating myself. It’s too difficult for me to accept my own good traits. :/
§       Reading is my childhood love. It started with Champak. :D
§       I have an OCD for washing hands, and checking the gas stove knob, time and again.
§       Tags of the dresses I buy never see their way to the dustbin. I collect them to use as a bookmark. :D
§       Love bangles! Though I hardly get to put them on, but nevertheless love to store them.
§      Am a total junkbox- from unused sheets of a notebook to empty cans, I keep them all just in anticipation that they can be big help someday in my life. :D
§      I can never let goof any gifts received. And cards! I cherish them! Lately I’ve started keeping even the wrapping papers…safe in the locker. (I know…m too much!)
§     Wishing on birthdays is an unavoidable ritual for me.
§      If you ever find me doing nothing (that is, most of the times), remember, I am in another world. A big time day dreamer!

3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you have been nominated.

(By Privy and Namrata)
   ·                     Why did you start blogging?
I love writing, and I hope for people to love my writings too.

   ·                     You are getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice? Where will it   be and with whom? 
Just for two? :/….I’ll better wait for my guy then, and take him along to somewhere like Mussorie or Manali.

   ·                     Dog or cat? And why? 
None. I have pet dog at home but it irks me as I can never tolerate when it gets all mushy, their favorite play.

   ·                     Half a million dollars for slogging for 6 months year or a week’s peace on the beaches of Bahamas? 

   ·                     What is your deepest fear? .
Losing my beloved ones.

   ·                     How did you propose your girl/guy? Or how you plan to do so? 
No plans, as none of my plans have ever felt the victory.

   ·                     One ‘Ctrl + Z’ moment of your life? Something you want to undo if you had a choice?
Some wrong decisions, out of immaturity.

   ·                     Who is the most ‘marriage-able’ celebrity? 
Ranbir Kapoor. Now that his new flick is just a few days way from release, I just can’t get over him!

   ·                     One thing that can take you to the ultimate heights of fame? 

   ·                     Do you follow any sports, team, club or a person? Why this love started? 
None as such. But time and again I keep googling about a few selected B-town stars (read: mostly RK ^_^)

   ·                     Did you like coming to this blog? And will you visit again?
Any doubt? :D

(By Ruya)
1.        Other than writing, what is the one thing/activity in life you can’t live without? (guys, don’t act smart and say stuff like- food/water/breathing  :P)
Talking. :D

2.   If there was a complaint box where you could drop in complaints regarding your life, what would you complain about and why?
Recently, I have done away with holding grudges with life. Let’s accept LIFE…as it is. :)

3. Share a quote/movie/song/book that always inspires you.
Discover your Destiny, by Robin Sharma.

4.   What’s your favorite childhood memory?
The Christmas and New Year party we threw in our colony, in year 2004.

5. Name a fictional character you’d like to switch lives with and why?
Jamie, fro A Walk to Remember. She is solemnly beautiful.

6. What brightens your mood when you’re angry or dejected?
Stupid dancing to bollywood tracks, or a chat with few considerate souls.

7.   Do you think compromises and adjustments are necessary for relationships to work? Why or why not?
If for relationships like that with your family or friends calls for you being yourself, then why bring a change in you for a relation equally close to your heart. After all, you can’t stay happy pretending what you aren’t.

8. Given a chance to relive one day of your life, which one would it be and why?
Its actually ‘days’. That one week with my cousins, in the last summers. :’)

9.  What’s your idea of fun?

10. What’s the qualification for being your Perfect Guy/Girl?
The specifications I hold are ‘nearly’ impossible to be fulfilled. So I better keep them to myself. :D

11.      If you were given a chance to take revenge on someone, who would they be and how would you do it? (if you don’t wish to give the name, you can just state what the person did)
None. I am glad I have never had a tussle with any being. Even if any person ever served me with annoyance, I’ve always learnt something from it, later.

4.Nominate 11 new bloggers.
Almost all the lovable ones ones have already had the treat, so, I am skipping this part.

Hope you had a nice time with this post. Well, I had, while writing it! :D

Thank-you! :)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Short Fiction

With expectant eyes, she looked at the couple who had just entered. She had that glint and innocence in her that levelled her much above every other child in the orphanage.
Soon they left adopting another of her mates.

Shivani picked up her 'crutch', and walked back dejectedly to her room, something she had always been doing all these years.

#On the lines of '55 Fiction'

Thursday, May 2, 2013

As I counted my Last Breath

The door creaked once again. My fingers dug deeper into the sheets, as I rounded myself into one corner of the bed. It was all dark, obvious for 1.00 a.m. at night. But that was nothing to worry about. What horrified me was the utter silence that accompanied the night. The only sound to entertain me was that of the howling wolves. These wolves, I tell you, they always choose such nights for their slumber party. I ugghhd for the umpteenth time for agreeing to stay at home, all “alone” for 2 days, while the family had to attend a ‘mandatory’ wedding of one distant cousin of mine. C’mon! I don’t understand why do people create so much hype while inviting their guests. They always come prepared with a tag line with the invitation “Dekhiye bhaisaab, aapko zaroor aana hai. Aur bina bhabhiji or bacchon ke toh bilkul bhi nahi!”. I wonder what do they actually mean by this! O_o
Anyway, yea, so I decided to stay back with the best excuse of my exams scheduled to start in 10 days from then. Not that I was really gonna  bless my books. Bah! I had a well set plan with my favorite movies, and stalking people on facebook, of course, for a perrrfect night life. But nonetheless, when did I ever have a good rapport with this fate! The weather being an overtly flaming one, the transformer in the locality decided to end it’s life. Humph! Drama everywhere. And whoa! There I was, rolled up on my bed, forced to keep the curtains on one side to let some fresh air in, muttering the incomplete phrases of Hanuman Chalisa, whenever I heard the bathroom door haunting me.
While I was all drenched in sweat, glaring unblinkingly at the window sill, I got another reason to imagine my upcoming funeral. On one of the window panes fell a weird waving shadow. Putting in all the knowledge I had about shapes and figure, this one seemed like the ghosts I have seen in Casper movies. This was enough to pace up my chalisa speed as I shut my eyes in fear. Within a minute or two, curiosity took over me as I slightly opened my left eye, and that moment gave me a jolt. Don’t know if it was some insane illusion of a scared mind, or reality when for a flash of  seconds I saw someone peeping into my room, from the same window. The shadow was still there. I was losing hope. Even the few lines of the prayer I remembered, ditched me. Feeling out of breath, I recalled the morning news of robbery in Ravindrapuri Street of our city, where the robbers first killed each member of the house and then carried on with their task. I shivered at the very thought of it. Agreed that most of the times I am busy with my bizarre thoughts, but even then I never dreamt of such a death!
About to reach the epilogue of my life, I wondered how my family would react, seeing me lay lifeless there, in the room they had so lovingly decorated when I was to shift in there on my birthday, some 7 years back. Leave the reaction, how would they get into the house in the first place?? Even in a situation so grave I let out a laugh, picturing my brother’s face assuming that it’s my prolonged sleep that’s taking time in answering  the door. Little would they be knowing that it’s a permanent sleep!
Stream of tears made way through my cheeks as I thought about all my unfulfilled dreams, those of reading all books by Nicholas Sparks, and at least one from the Harry Potter series (:/) , of my own house with a library in the garden, of that world tour on which eating all varieties of chocolates was the priority, an adventure trip, and yes of course, the dream of fixing up my brother’s marriage, with a girl I choose for HIM. I really wanted all these to see the light of the day.
As I lay there, sinking in with each passing second and watching that shadow make a rapid movement, I could hear sounds of a rubber slipper. “Couldn’t step out wearing a shoe!”…I thought about the robbers. I t suddenly struck me that the footsteps were probably nearing my room. I shut my eyes with full force, and started counting my last breath, and……BANG! Something hit my head. But what was this, it felt so soft. “A soft weapon?” I wondered, and suffered another hit. Opening my eyes with a jerk, I quickly sat up on the bed. My jaws dropped looking at the intruder. There HE was, my brother, standing with a pillow, and laughing at me like a maniac. As I stared blankly at him, he voiced “Good morning Sister!”

Okay, now stop making such faces. What did you expect as a first attempt? :/ Appreciate that I at least had the courage to share this mindless piece. :D It had a  tinge of reality to it, and rest all was pure fiction. Anddd, I came up with this after I had a reaallly scary dream one night, whose theme I am still trying to decipher.
And yes, while I was away, few quite lovely blogger friends of mine chose to make me happy by Leibstering my blog. Thankyou very much buddies!. A related post to follow, very soon. :)

Suggestions welcomed.
Thanks a lot for stopping by. :)