Friday, April 5, 2013

All-smiles :)

It’s one of those sturdiest tasks for me to come up  with a topic to write upon. If you are one of those religious followers of my blog (the count of which extends up to zero), you know what exactly I suffer from- ‘Lack of sane ideas’. All I had been doing since last few weeks is reading my amazing blogmates (you know who you are ;) ), awing (read: envying :P)  and appreciating their scribblings, deciding to post something very soon, and ending up posting poems that had been, till then enjoying their retirements. Since that made me feel too much out of work, I managed to write one fresh one, which came out pretty well! (At least my readers told me so…and I am deeply grateful to you people for that :) ). And now when I have had  enough of pretending to be busy, while I was actually having a lazy time with the ‘Holi’days around, I thought of writing my first post on a worldly topic, i.e. unlike my rantings about how wonderful my college is and so on (though I would surely come back with that :D).
Since I am devoid of thinking anything sane, I chose one thing I like the most-“SMILE”. So, my brave readers, here for you, is me with my utterly baseless (may be useful :) ) preaching on how beneficial stretching…of Lips can be. You might have read quite many or all the lines that follow, before, but please, for keeping my heart (I know you are that sweet), smile and read on… :)


Nothing can be as better as starting your day on a high, i.e. your lips curved highly upwards! I know that’s a cliché but yes it really helps, when you actually want the routine to follow to be energizing and far from monotonous. I know it can be hell difficult when you are amongst the one who are to be forced out of the bed, but none can help in that case (I am a victim too! Hehe. ). Anyway, by personal experience I can swear that smile can work much better than an air conditioner :D. Whatever be the setup you spend your day in, meeting and greeting people with a smile, always helps in keeping us sufficient inches away from those unnecessary worries we load ourselves with. It eases our perception of things, and thus ables us to carry out our jobs with an ease.
Another wonderful fact about this simple act is that smile is the best healer (What? Heard that before? Err…Ignore then!). One assuring smile from your side to the one who’s having a hard time with her emotions-giving you a much harder time, trying to console her- and everything may switch to the normal pace. And don’t you agree, even you feel your heart cooling down, when your beloved, who had been crying till now, flashes those charming dimples, when you try to melt her down with your silly antics? Why, SMILE does have that enchanting effect! How can you forget the thumping of your heart whenever you were graced with a beam from your crush? ;). And not just that, you also used to start making wild guesses for the reason behind that gesture. Didn’t you? :P

Well, if we are all-beaming today, then I would like to blabber a bit about the smiles I find best. My Mum’s, of course!...especially the one she gives on knowing that this good-for-nothing child of hers has done ‘something’ good, giving her a ‘little’ break from anxieties regarding me.
Next in line, is a baby’s smile. Ah! It’s super-cute, always! You can’t doubt  the authenticity it holds, so pure and calm that you can’t maintain the distance between your lips and the baby’s cheeks ^_^. They are lovely, yes.
Then I like that twinkling smile people give on being greeted with a “SURPRISE!!” or  when revealing a gift they just unwrapped. More so, if it’s exactly what they had been longing for. And yes, the best one. Just lend a hand to someone needy, help them and you’ll get the best reward. :)

While I have already talked so much about the purity a smile holds, let’s also have a take on fake, i.e. a fake smile. This act, when done to keep someone from getting hurt, or to hide that you are hurt, is somewhere near fine. But, when it’s evident and done intentionally  to let people know that you bother least about what they are saying, or doing, can be disastrous, to their emotions. It’s wise to think twice for such a malice! But yeah, if the person had been a constant pest in your life, trying every other sour trick to arrange your trip to hell, then better not pay heed to any such advice you come across, like the one I just gave. ;)

I guess I am out of stock now. All my gyaan has already been shared, and I swear (with fingers crossed) not to dread you with any similar posts again, if you ended up yawning at this one.

What are your findings on this topic? Do share!

Thank-you so very much for the read.
Have a good time ahead.
All-smiles :)

P.S.: Do give good comments, okay? I went through a lot in bringing this here, like, A LOT! (My system broke down and I almost lost the file and this darn thing just didn’t budge to behave! Gosh! That was horrible! :/)