Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is how it turned out to be.....

Scene: Cellphone ringing, two already missed, 10-15 notifications and texts. Mum and Brother surrounding me, speaking something.Dad just entering my room. And me having a tough time opening my eyes.

Time: 12 a.m. Date: 10th March

No! I wasn’t lying on my death bed and this isn’t my spirit making the post. It was actually my Birthday! And yes, I was sleeping at a time when it is expected of the ‘birthday girl’ to stay wide awake, earnestly anticipating the first caller. Oh c’mon! I had a ‘really’ tiring day (Stop laughing now, even I burn up energy at times :/) and majorly, I was hell low on any such excitement.
But anyway, I got up exactly at 12, thinking the phone’s ringing with a call from my second brother. It was from a friend though. And the process continued, now exciting me. But amidst this I never noticed that my elder had waited too long to wish me, and had gone away, all upset with my ignorance! :/ (That was a big spoiler of the day!). The somehow cheered up mood tripped back to being a horrendous one, leaving me with zero eagerness for the upcoming day.
Anyhow I tried making it a good day, and some of the friends up for the get-together made sure I succeeded. And man! It turned out to be a pleasant one. What more did I need? Roars of laughter, smiling faces, high fives, a bit of shaking of the legs, aromatic dishes, random clicks, truth and dare (and secret revelations ;) ) and some unexpected texts and calls! These were just one part of the pleasantries. The gifts/surprises and beautifully scribbled wishes were another. 
This b’day had a rare and special touch with the number of written notes I received, all, obviously bragging about me ;). Being the non-tearific person that I am, they had a good effect on my tear gland. All the bitterness of the midnight mishap, and my hitherto underestimated self took a backseat, and I enjoyed the ride! I can’t tag any one as the best, as each brimmed with unmatchable love and care. Yet I would like to share excerpts from few of them:

Srishti mishtiiii- dis one's 4r u....
By chance v met n by choice v became frnds..i still remembr d day v met..relly had no idea ki v wud be friends .....
its been olmost 8 years since v hav known each odr.....since den v 've shared our happiness , v 've shared our fears..our secrets n so many things throughout these years..n when the times were hard we were by each other's side.....thanku you soo much for being such a wonderful person....m relly glad 2 hav u... hope our friendship grows stronger wid each passing day....:-)

on dis very special day of urs..i wish u a very vry happy b'day!:-)
ol d very best 4 ur life ahead...hav loads of fun...:-) 
luv u boht saara.......muaah....

-Ok. This doesn’t seem like an extract, right? Because it isn’t! I couldn’t decide which part to put because it is a superbly amazing wish from my closest to the heart friend, Divyanjali, who is the storehouse of my best joys and the deepest secrets. :)

“……..Dude! i love you alott.. though u being much ov a girl these days u are still my dude.. enjoyy.. getting older.. n atleast for my sake stop getting taller.. :P

-Haha. This one was again from a close friend and my dude, Tanya. :)

“……..Ofcourse the time isn’t same always. So, for you I wish, it brightens more each time & your SELF gets stronger (more) to hold that much light. ……..for the one who’s eternally simple, yet gorgeous…..”

-Aww! Sweetest one! And yes, this was an extract because it was a good one page note! :D Thanks to a differently amazing friend, Riya for this one. :)

“……..Birthdays are like those days, when people give you attention, and you don’t have to do effort for it………….LOVE U! ‘BHU’ has become a good and cheerful place for me because of you, love you lots! Happy Birthday!”

-Hah! Again a four page note. Thanks to one of my latest and cutely adorable friend, Alokita. :)

“Within you I’ve found that perfect friend, someone I know will be there till the end!”

-From Mariya, someone whom I can confide into everytime I need to use my brain! :D

So these were some. Totally appreciable and the moving ones. And the gifts! Not to mention, they are always fantastic! ^_^. The best one ( A collage of my ugliest to prettiest pictures, by the one who has been eternally dear to me....Aartee) :

Yeah, it had a torn start, but with time the bits took a handsome shape. And I had a good BIRTHday! :)

Thank-you  for the read! :)



  1. Wow ... seems like a great birthday :-)

  2. It wasn't as great as it seems but nice :)

  3. Well, Happy Belated Birthday. :)

    And with the looks of it, you seemed to have had one great birthday.

    Hope, you have many more such wonderful b'days.

    Take Care. :D

  4. Happy B'day!! :) Lovely post.

  5. @Ajay...Thankyou! :) yup! it was a nice one.

    @Shreya...Thankyou for the wish and the visit. Hope to see you more here. :)

  6. Happy belated birthday, Srishti. And my award post is up at last :P

  7. Thankyou Sushmit! :) it..finally! :P

  8. Hey dear........ a very very belated happy birthday!!

    I am extremely sorry for having missed reading this post **holding ears**

    Seems like you had loads of fun..take care... wishing you many more of them in the coming years!


    1. need to be sorry! :D

      Thankyou for the wish! :)

  9. Hey Srishti, a very very very happy belated birthday to you!! <3

    I read your previous poem, but bhagwan jaane how even I (just like Me) missed this post!! :| Sorry!

    Hope you have a fabulous year ahead with lots of love and happiness!

    Keep in touch :)

    1. P.S: Even my award post is up FINALLY :D

    2. It's alright dear.
      Thankyou very much :)

      Had been trying to comment on the award post..but it failed everytime :/