Saturday, March 2, 2013

Awarded! ^_^ and Awarding! :)

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My Gaaaawwd!!!!
Okay. Before you start wracking up your brain (do you have one? :P) guessing the reason for this super excitement, I tell you, it’s something new and very much precious to me. You know, I always had a second thought about my writing skills, and that was because I found every other avid writer better than me. INFERIORITY COMPLEX! :/. Lately, but in time, I finally accepted that what if I am not outstanding, people at least find my write ups worth reading. And is there anything in this world we achieve in a stroke? Nah! So, I am practicing. :)
Err..sorry! The main thing! Awarded (nominated) the “CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD” with few other far more creative bloggers! Isn’t.That.Great???? Yes! Yes! Yes! It is!
In that line, I thank Ajay Kontham, a fellow blogger- writer, photographer, dreamer, thinker and all such “ers” :P- on The ShadedShadows. (nice blog name no?). Thank-you Ajay! It’s something too big for someone like me, to receive even a bit of  appreciation, and this one is lot more than a bit. :)
Now after all the thanksgiving, I have some rules to follow. (Matlab ek award bhi free mein nahi deta koi! :P). Here, it goes like this…

1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog. (You don't have to do that though :P )
2.a. Three things About yourself.
   b. Two things People don't know about you.
   c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger. 
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on. 
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
(This one is the routine thing, right?...hmm.. will try to make it interesting)
6. Inform the bloggers about their award.

Humph! Tough, considering my  forever vala love for lethargy. But at the same time, this is also is something I love! So, without much ado, I’ll do the deed.

1.      I already did that :D (spared the effortI phew! :D )

2.        A. Things about me, vo bhi three!

         -  I am a jabber queen, and can talk about ANYthing!....just with friends.
         -  At first meet, I always seem to be a ‘quiet’ly innocent kid….but I am
         - Reading-Writing-Photography-Eating-Sleeping….Do I need to   elaborate?
     B. Unknown facts!

         Well, actually there’s a lot in this list, umm…
         - I am NOT an introvert (as I mentioned earlier)
         - I am academically just average :D (if u ever thought I am somewhere near 
         - Anddd…. I don’t like breaking rules!

     C. For a CHANGE

     There are plenty of things I don’t like about me, but then it’s about being
     me so I don’t wanna change anything as such. Maybe, I should be a lot 
     more focused…and sincere.

3.     Rapid Fire.
           a.World….world map! :/
           c.Awards….OMG! :D
           e.Love….cloud nine!
            j.Srishti….Singh! :D
           k.Dog….Sheroo (our pet)
           l.Parents….-Teacher Meeting :P
        m.My blog….yet to go through it fully :/
         o.The Author/Ajay….Happening! :D

4.    Nominations! Aha! Easiest of all :D *musical effect*

          -    Ashna Banga at Pages From a Young Diary.
          -    Anisha at Absolutely Not Sure!
          -   Meoww at Abhilasha.
          -    Aaekay at A Blog To Remember :)
          -    Soumya at LOL: Life Of Leo
          -    Sushmit at Blogwati.
          -   Usama at Randomized.
          -   Rachit at Sentimientos.

Congratulations Friends! :) Thanks for giving me such awesome posts to read.Though some of you had already been awarded this one..still ek se bhale do! :P

5.     Framing Questions! I am too bad at it. Let’s try!
    a.     5 Essentials of your life.
    b.    A dream you want to just live as a dream.
    c.     Ever caught doing anything unlawful..or mischievous? If yes, then when? ;)
    d.     Writing to you is?
    e.     What do you usually go with, your will or others’ ?
    f.       Behaving (appropriately) comes naturally to you, or you choose it? (even I 
         don’t know what this question means! :D )
    g.     Words you mostly use.
    h.     Favorite quotes. (if you remember any! :P)

OKAY. Now, these questions just kept on coming to my mind so I typed them. If you don’t feel comfortable answering any or all, just skip it and celebrate the award :D

6.    Informing.

So that was all! How many times does this happen that you follow rules so happily? I just did! ;)
I know I appeared way too too much thrilled, but that's because it's the first and really means something to me. And who doesn't like appreciation? :)
By the time I am beaming with profuse delight, the winners join in…and others..step on to comment! ;)

Thank-you for your time :)



  1. First of all, Congratulations. :)

    You seem to be very excited. Is this your first blog award ?

    Thanks for giving such a sweet opening about me. :D

    Wow! You followed all the rules. Thanks. :)

    Rapid Fire was little bit funny. :P

    Take Care and Keep writing.
    You know, right? That more awards are yet to come!


  2. yeah!..first award..I am a newbie here.
    And I know...I appeared way too much excited...pardon the exaggeration, please! :/

    Funny? Good hai ji! :D


    1. Hey, Its' okay.
      I was way too excited than you, when I got my first award.

      I meant some of them.

      hmm, You are welcome. :)

    2. Then you know how exactly I am feeling :D
      Yeah..I know they were funny.Intentional ;)

    3. Been there - Done that. So, yeah I know. :)

      Oh, Cool. :)

  3. Wow,, congratulations for winning it :)

    Loved knowing you more through your answers..!!

  4. Thankyou!
    After reading you...I wanted to include you as well. :)
    Anyway, I guess you have already been awarded the same. Congo to u too! :)

    1. :D

      Thats really sweet of you to say that!

      Thanks soooooooo much <3

  5. Congrats on winning & Thankyou for the award :)

  6. WOW!! Congrats on the award and thank you for honoring me with it :)

    Its been quite a while since I've been awarded and thank you for breaking the jinx.

    God bless you :)

  7. @Anisha...Thankyou! and welcome :)

    My pleasure to award you :)

  8. Congratulations! :) *finally back on blogosphere*
    Andddd thank you!
    I should admit that I smiled all through your rapid fire, it was funny! I'll answer all those questions you asked. Thank you agaaaaaiiinnn <3

  9. Thank-you and Welcome! :)
    yea..finally you are back! :D

    I am happy that people are finding it funny :D

  10. Haha! Really, the enthusiasm was literally squeezing out from this post! Loved your answers. :)
    Thanks so much for bestowing this amazing award to me! :D I'll make up a post for it soon. :)

  11. Hehe. I know it was evidently too much but that's exactly how I was feeling! :D

    Welcome! and waiting for the posts :)

  12. Hey, congratulations Srishti. Isn't it such a heavenly feeling when you receive your first blog award?? For me, it definitely was.
    And thank so much for awarding me with wonderful award. Thank you! :D

    1. *and thank 'you' .... with 'this' wonderful award.. :P

  13. is for me too! Isn't the excitement peeking shamelessly from the post? :D
    Thank-you and Welcome! :)

  14. Thanks a lot Srishti :D my apologies, I couldn't check on blogger for the past few weeks

    1. Also, it's my first award ever, so another thank you :)

  15. First Award??? :O
    Well, in that case, same pinch! :D
    And...Congratulations! :)

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