Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing Much :D

Hola people!
This is a just-like-that post. If you noticed, I changed the name of the blog, and with this, it's the third name :D. Sorry, if there's ANY kind of inconvenience with that (I guess there is none). It's just that the previous ones weren't much liked by me, and moreover I recently developed a habit to keep on brainstorming for a fresh name, and so this one. Hope you like it. :)
Yup, the writer and her weirdness are still the same :D.

That's all.
Good Night. :)


My Reflection

Walking alone, down the shore
I try and inhale the beauty around.
It’s just then that I hear,
A broken but familiar sound.

I move my gaze to scan the place,
There is no one I can find.
Moving ahead, I hear it again,
Sending a threat to my mind.

Suddenly, I see a figure, not so clear,
A figure similar to mine.
She is my reflection in the sea,
Speaking of condition not so fine.

She accuses me for my ignorance,
For paying no heed to her.
She thinks I am the reason,
For all the deter.

I avoid and move on,
But she calls out again.
Her voice not so clear,
Carrying a tinge of pain.

“All I wish for is
Your life to be merry.
Just shed those fears,
Sail them away on a ferry.”

It strikes my heart
And I realize her condition.
Turning around I find her still there,
In hope and anticipation.

I curse myself
For the torture she has been bearing.
And with a promise I bend down
To touch her…with waves she was shimmering.

She responded silently
This time following my motions.
Assuring me of her presence,
In all up and down situations.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is how it turned out to be.....

Scene: Cellphone ringing, two already missed, 10-15 notifications and texts. Mum and Brother surrounding me, speaking something.Dad just entering my room. And me having a tough time opening my eyes.

Time: 12 a.m. Date: 10th March

No! I wasn’t lying on my death bed and this isn’t my spirit making the post. It was actually my Birthday! And yes, I was sleeping at a time when it is expected of the ‘birthday girl’ to stay wide awake, earnestly anticipating the first caller. Oh c’mon! I had a ‘really’ tiring day (Stop laughing now, even I burn up energy at times :/) and majorly, I was hell low on any such excitement.
But anyway, I got up exactly at 12, thinking the phone’s ringing with a call from my second brother. It was from a friend though. And the process continued, now exciting me. But amidst this I never noticed that my elder had waited too long to wish me, and had gone away, all upset with my ignorance! :/ (That was a big spoiler of the day!). The somehow cheered up mood tripped back to being a horrendous one, leaving me with zero eagerness for the upcoming day.
Anyhow I tried making it a good day, and some of the friends up for the get-together made sure I succeeded. And man! It turned out to be a pleasant one. What more did I need? Roars of laughter, smiling faces, high fives, a bit of shaking of the legs, aromatic dishes, random clicks, truth and dare (and secret revelations ;) ) and some unexpected texts and calls! These were just one part of the pleasantries. The gifts/surprises and beautifully scribbled wishes were another. 
This b’day had a rare and special touch with the number of written notes I received, all, obviously bragging about me ;). Being the non-tearific person that I am, they had a good effect on my tear gland. All the bitterness of the midnight mishap, and my hitherto underestimated self took a backseat, and I enjoyed the ride! I can’t tag any one as the best, as each brimmed with unmatchable love and care. Yet I would like to share excerpts from few of them:

Srishti mishtiiii- dis one's 4r u....
By chance v met n by choice v became frnds..i still remembr d day v met..relly had no idea ki v wud be friends .....
its been olmost 8 years since v hav known each odr.....since den v 've shared our happiness , v 've shared our fears..our secrets n so many things throughout these years..n when the times were hard we were by each other's side.....thanku you soo much for being such a wonderful person....m relly glad 2 hav u... hope our friendship grows stronger wid each passing day....:-)

on dis very special day of urs..i wish u a very vry happy b'day!:-)
ol d very best 4 ur life ahead...hav loads of fun...:-) 
luv u boht saara.......muaah....

-Ok. This doesn’t seem like an extract, right? Because it isn’t! I couldn’t decide which part to put because it is a superbly amazing wish from my closest to the heart friend, Divyanjali, who is the storehouse of my best joys and the deepest secrets. :)

“……..Dude! i love you alott.. though u being much ov a girl these days u are still my dude.. enjoyy.. getting older.. n atleast for my sake stop getting taller.. :P

-Haha. This one was again from a close friend and my dude, Tanya. :)

“……..Ofcourse the time isn’t same always. So, for you I wish, it brightens more each time & your SELF gets stronger (more) to hold that much light. ……..for the one who’s eternally simple, yet gorgeous…..”

-Aww! Sweetest one! And yes, this was an extract because it was a good one page note! :D Thanks to a differently amazing friend, Riya for this one. :)

“……..Birthdays are like those days, when people give you attention, and you don’t have to do effort for it………….LOVE U! ‘BHU’ has become a good and cheerful place for me because of you, love you lots! Happy Birthday!”

-Hah! Again a four page note. Thanks to one of my latest and cutely adorable friend, Alokita. :)

“Within you I’ve found that perfect friend, someone I know will be there till the end!”

-From Mariya, someone whom I can confide into everytime I need to use my brain! :D

So these were some. Totally appreciable and the moving ones. And the gifts! Not to mention, they are always fantastic! ^_^. The best one ( A collage of my ugliest to prettiest pictures, by the one who has been eternally dear to me....Aartee) :

Yeah, it had a torn start, but with time the bits took a handsome shape. And I had a good BIRTHday! :)

Thank-you  for the read! :)


Saturday, March 2, 2013


You promised to be there forever,
And I believed I found a treasure.

I thought you were a great friend,
But you broke my heart..I can't mend.

Were all those care and support just fake??
Enough of this heart..it's time for mind to wake.

You actually were always like this,
I gave your real self a miss.

Didn't understand that for u it was just fun,
Please don't try it with another one.

I don't want to say this..but all 'cause of demise,
"You really were an EVIL in DISGUISE".

You promised to be there forever,
Then why you left like you knew me never??

This was mainly a vent out poem I wrote long back. Just felt like sharing.
*It has nothing to do with my current state of mind.

Good Night! :)

Awarded! ^_^ and Awarding! :)

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My Gaaaawwd!!!!
Okay. Before you start wracking up your brain (do you have one? :P) guessing the reason for this super excitement, I tell you, it’s something new and very much precious to me. You know, I always had a second thought about my writing skills, and that was because I found every other avid writer better than me. INFERIORITY COMPLEX! :/. Lately, but in time, I finally accepted that what if I am not outstanding, people at least find my write ups worth reading. And is there anything in this world we achieve in a stroke? Nah! So, I am practicing. :)
Err..sorry! The main thing! Awarded (nominated) the “CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD” with few other far more creative bloggers! Isn’t.That.Great???? Yes! Yes! Yes! It is!
In that line, I thank Ajay Kontham, a fellow blogger- writer, photographer, dreamer, thinker and all such “ers” :P- on The ShadedShadows. (nice blog name no?). Thank-you Ajay! It’s something too big for someone like me, to receive even a bit of  appreciation, and this one is lot more than a bit. :)
Now after all the thanksgiving, I have some rules to follow. (Matlab ek award bhi free mein nahi deta koi! :P). Here, it goes like this…

1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog. (You don't have to do that though :P )
2.a. Three things About yourself.
   b. Two things People don't know about you.
   c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger. 
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on. 
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
(This one is the routine thing, right?...hmm.. will try to make it interesting)
6. Inform the bloggers about their award.

Humph! Tough, considering my  forever vala love for lethargy. But at the same time, this is also is something I love! So, without much ado, I’ll do the deed.

1.      I already did that :D (spared the effortI phew! :D )

2.        A. Things about me, vo bhi three!

         -  I am a jabber queen, and can talk about ANYthing!....just with friends.
         -  At first meet, I always seem to be a ‘quiet’ly innocent kid….but I am
         - Reading-Writing-Photography-Eating-Sleeping….Do I need to   elaborate?
     B. Unknown facts!

         Well, actually there’s a lot in this list, umm…
         - I am NOT an introvert (as I mentioned earlier)
         - I am academically just average :D (if u ever thought I am somewhere near 
         - Anddd…. I don’t like breaking rules!

     C. For a CHANGE

     There are plenty of things I don’t like about me, but then it’s about being
     me so I don’t wanna change anything as such. Maybe, I should be a lot 
     more focused…and sincere.

3.     Rapid Fire.
           a.World….world map! :/
           c.Awards….OMG! :D
           e.Love….cloud nine!
            j.Srishti….Singh! :D
           k.Dog….Sheroo (our pet)
           l.Parents….-Teacher Meeting :P
        m.My blog….yet to go through it fully :/
         o.The Author/Ajay….Happening! :D

4.    Nominations! Aha! Easiest of all :D *musical effect*

          -    Ashna Banga at Pages From a Young Diary.
          -    Anisha at Absolutely Not Sure!
          -   Meoww at Abhilasha.
          -    Aaekay at A Blog To Remember :)
          -    Soumya at LOL: Life Of Leo
          -    Sushmit at Blogwati.
          -   Usama at Randomized.
          -   Rachit at Sentimientos.

Congratulations Friends! :) Thanks for giving me such awesome posts to read.Though some of you had already been awarded this one..still ek se bhale do! :P

5.     Framing Questions! I am too bad at it. Let’s try!
    a.     5 Essentials of your life.
    b.    A dream you want to just live as a dream.
    c.     Ever caught doing anything unlawful..or mischievous? If yes, then when? ;)
    d.     Writing to you is?
    e.     What do you usually go with, your will or others’ ?
    f.       Behaving (appropriately) comes naturally to you, or you choose it? (even I 
         don’t know what this question means! :D )
    g.     Words you mostly use.
    h.     Favorite quotes. (if you remember any! :P)

OKAY. Now, these questions just kept on coming to my mind so I typed them. If you don’t feel comfortable answering any or all, just skip it and celebrate the award :D

6.    Informing.

So that was all! How many times does this happen that you follow rules so happily? I just did! ;)
I know I appeared way too too much thrilled, but that's because it's the first and really means something to me. And who doesn't like appreciation? :)
By the time I am beaming with profuse delight, the winners join in…and others..step on to comment! ;)

Thank-you for your time :)