Saturday, February 2, 2013

Short Fiction

Once again I tilted my head to the parallel seat in the bus. He was was still staring at me and had been doing that for the past 15 minutes.
We were complete Strangers! But he was cute and I couldn't help but smile this time, pecking him on his cheek. He was playing with my hair.
As I got down at my stop, I saw him 'babbling' to his mum and now playing with her hair, and waved him a goodbye.

This post is in line with the '55 Fiction' column, which I read on a fellow blogger, the "amazingly awesome" AaeKay's blog. But its not entirely a "55" fiction as I can't stay within limits :P and so I renamed the title.
I hope you found it good.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Made me go awwwwww! :)
    This one is really cute!
    Awesome for a first try. :)
    And thanks a ton for the credits - appreciate it. :)


  2. Thankyou and Welcome!
    SuperGlad that you liked it :)

    And You deserved the credit as I never thought of giving it a try until your (few) words of encouragement ;) Thankyou!

  3. Great take Srishti. Brought an instant smile to my face. Keep writing :D

  4. Thanks for the 'compliment' :D
    Feels good that you liked it :)
    Keep reading ;)

  5. Wow... this was damn cute!!