Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Love!

You have always been my favorite! Favorite among any oldies I know….or for that matter, closest to my heart  after Mum. After all, it’s all because of you that I have her in my life, and all because of her, you have me in your life ;)

I still remember, and can never let it omit my senses, the days I used to spend at my Nani’s place, as a child. I guess every person has some equally cherishing memories attached to such childhood visits. My Nani is one, I can’t help but fall in love with, every time we meet. This time she came to stay with us, it was for 4 months!...and even if it was 4 years, it would have nonetheless seemed a tiny span. 
Though, like always we had our pretty big share of arguments-over hell lot of things, (this time it was over the age of marriage :/)- just one smile on that alluring face, and I felt over content!. It was in past December, that she suffered an uncalled for attack, with fluctuating blood pressure and sugar levels. Those two weeks were the extremely tormenting and sluggish ones for us. Watching her fighting such a critical state, was something we never ever dreamt of. I reminisce how much we hated her silence, as speaking is her necessity. Just hop on beside her, and she’ll take you to all those places she has ever lived in, or visited, talking of a garden here, and a pond there, that neighbor who was like a brother, or that girl who had no mother. I admit, at times I would get bored when I was short of links to connect the stories, but it were her chats that kept the house moving :D.

 It was adorable, how every time we told her, we are going to click her pic, she would quickly choose her best pose, set the saree right, and signal us to start. Haha! My sweetheart!
And I tell you a secret, she has a boyfriend!..hehe…my elder brother! :D. "Aal Izz Well, Girlfriend?” is what he always asks her, and she replies with a cutely funny “Aal Inz Wale” :D

Her love for some special  dishes, dislike for others, sweet memories of Nanu, anddd eventful songs she composes, are certainties of her lovable persona. She makes me realize how important grandparents are, and shame on all who disregard them. A little time and patience from your side is all they silently ask for. Love them.

Now, when Nani has gone back, I miss her and all the antics she propagated, like a small child. She was and will always remain one of the loves of my life!    

 P.S.: I am too bad at giving post titles, and you have already seen the trailer. Sorry!

Thank-You for the visit! :)

*Your good luck, you won't be reading much from me till April (stop dancing now! I'll be back with more such blabbers! :P)*



  1. The grandparents-love is indescribable.
    But you did it perfectly.

    And the topic - Its' perfect.

    What? Till April? Oh, Nooo!! :P
    Exams ?

  2. Lovely! :) I naturally like all grandparents ;) They're so sweet and your nani sounds super sweet! It's actually a very comfortable and great feeling when they're around, which you miss later. I hope the time comes very soon when your nani comes and stays with you again, in the best of health! :)

    1. Yeah..she is that much sweet! :)
      I am waiting for that visit too!


  3. Seriously, that one smile of hers gave a sense of contentment. You have described even those minute but precious moments and feelings attached with our beloved Naani !!

    1. Thanks brother! She has the best smile..we can bet..nahi?

  4. Grandparents; there's an obvious reason why they have 'grand' prefixed to the name, hai na, Srishti? :)

    1. aha! That was such a nice comment! :)
      completely agree with you.

      Thanks for the read and the comment :)

  5. Hey,
    I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded "Creative Blogger Award".

    The Shaded Shadows™!!!
    (Please follow this link for more details.)

    Take Care and Keep Writing.
    Cheers. :D

    - Ajay Kontham

    1. OMG! Thanks a lot more than a lot!
      That's very nice of you!