Thursday, January 10, 2013


This post is a participant in the WRITING PROMPT hosted  by the lovely, Preeti Shenoy Ji J (I hope you don’t mind me writing a ‘ji’, ma’am) every Wednesday, titled “Wishlist Wednesday”. And this one’s a first attempt by me as I recently joined her blog.

I wish I had one more chance to………………

Normally, I would enlist around 100s of such wishes because in all these 19 yrs (almost) of my life, one thing that has gained utmost importance is “wishing” mostly for re-living, undoing or repairing some beautiful and few  ‘not-so-happening’ happenings! But for the sake of my readers (and for a fair chance to win the novel :P), I am keeping it  little.

I wish I had one more chance to:

Be a KID: Today, I am a normal teen-adult with my share of happiness and sorrows. Though I am ever grateful to the Almighty for giving me this life and helping me reach so far, I yearn to live my childhood once again. That is one phase which lets us enjoy life unconditionally and in its purest form. You don’t have to ponder much over any thing, you don’t have to fake any of your laughs, you don’t ‘know’ how to hide things, you don’t know what being strained feels like, you don’t have to worry about what the ‘world’ thinks because what matters most then is a smiling reward from your parents, you don’t have to be the object of any lewd stares, you love and you are loved!
I hold one more reason for this wish  to troll back to my childhood. So that I can wipe away my mother’s tears, which I didn’t quite understand then.
The kiddie me :)

Be Born: So that this time I am born as a girl with some really girlish qualities that would rid my mom of thinking to send me to those ‘cooking’ and ‘sewing’ classes. :D, OR better be born as a boy! ;)

Attempt few of my exams (:D) : I know it sounds a bit mindless, but I wish to rewrite my class 10th final Math’s paper and class 12th Economics’ paper, in particular, as time ran faster than my pen could and I couldn’t finish these exams. (Ok! I admit it was my fault L )

 Be with my childhood best friend: City changed and so did the friends. But I miss Aditi a lot. It was due to lack of communication that we soon lost contact when we departed 8-9 yrs back, and today I have no idea of her whereabouts, not even through FB. If only, I get this ‘one more chance’…….

Say a proper BYE: To people with whom I got disconnected unknowingly and who really mattered to me….or just befriend them once again.

Be the cause of people’s happiness: Not one, but I want endless no. of such chances. Nothing can delight you more than an unspoken ‘thank-you’ from someone.

( Source: GOOGLE )

I hope these were some little enough and meaningful wishes I cling to.

Good Day!

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  1. Your little wish is live in all the persons'mind.Good go.

    I'm still a kid at heart :P I loved 'Be with my Childhood Best Friend' most :') So cute <3


  3. M a kid too...according to some people. But nonetheless that innocence n freedom of life has faded.
    yup..aditi...i miss her :(