Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wishes (Again)

This post is a participant of yet another  “Wishlist Wednesday” writing prompt (if u remember the last one) hosted by the renowned Indian author, Mrs. Preeti Shenoy, on her blog.  


I wish I could touch……..

The SKY (whenever I want)
OK. Now, I know this falls in the conventional category of wishes, but that’s a sign of me being normal, I guess. ;)
Umm…So I have always wanted to 'touch the sky' and in fact its one of my those eerie but enticing hobbies, to just lie on my back staring into the sky. 
“If only I had been an artist, the sky above my house would be holding a portrait of my thoughts”.*
Since I am a back bencher in that respect, I choose to just lie down and decipher numerous shapes and figures scattered up there. (And I do that only in pleasant weather. I am normal, remember? :P )
I bet a lot many of you do that, and you may also agree that it’s a fabulous feeling. (Oh c’mon! Nod in a yes, even if you don’t….or I might feel hurt :P )
And yeah, my favorite part is just swaying my fingers and signing my name on that blank space. HeHe :D

CLAY (as a potter)
I've seen this pottery thing only on the television, and I love the way the clay changes its form. And I know that  if I attempt any such task, it will end up in nothing, so I’ll try that if any potter signs a deal agreeing to tolerate me till at least some thousands trials. :D
[This came up when I suddenly recalled Titan Raga’s ad, starring Katrina :P. No! I am not her fan! Titan yaar! ]

Someone’s HEART (metaphorically)
This one’s yet another usual wish. Yup, even I am waiting for something like that to happen, in its truest form, though.
Otherwise I know I am kind and chirpy enough to have made a tiny space in the hearts of quite many people around me ;)

So that was all. I hope you had a good read.
Thanks for your visit J

And a special mention…I am loving this prompt writing  exercise. At least it’s giving me something to add to my collection, and not to forget, its good to read other entries too. I found some awesome blogs that way J 


*that's a self written quote :D

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  1. You can touch clay and some one's heart. but sky ? Anyway good post.

  2. Nachi....wish for the impossible ;)
    thanx :)

  3. "And a special mention…I am loving this prompt writing exercise. At least it’s giving me something to add to my collection, and not to forget, its good to read other entries too. I found some awesome blogs that way"

    You are already in the course to touch the sky rather by writing. Keep writing.

    If you live by the last line you have stated, you would touch many hearts.

    Way to go!

  4. That was sweet of you :)
    Thankyou so much and thanks again for reading :)

  5. I want to reach for the stars, that's something I say so too often! Touching a person's heart is such a beautiful thing, I'm sure you do that with people around you. As for touching your special someone's heart.. Well, will happen. Haste makes waste remember? ;)
    I really can't relate to the clay, but I love to mould things the way I want. Maybe I could perceive it like that?
    Love your post!

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  7. Thankyou so much!
    I am no hurry....let that someone take his time :D

    for the clay was something that didn't come to my mind in an instant...i thought of it while fishing through things that could add to this post :-D
    infact..i should have placed it at the last.

    thanx again :)