Sunday, January 6, 2013

A 'happy' NEW YEAR

So… you are here…2013! Welcome! Welcome! I know it might had been a difficult journey throughout with all those debates considering the debacle of the world! (Oooh! How much I wished that was true…:-< ). But whoa! You fought them all.
Needless to mention, India witnessed a scandalous end to the previous year, but as quoted by......someone great, ofcourse  “Hope : Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,  Whispering 'it will be happier'...” * and thus, walking by this line, keeping our spirits higher we hopped forward with hopes for a better existence personally, as well as publicly.

Ohk. Much of all those philos. I toh had a beautiful start to this year, all thanks to the quick planning over a candid new year chat with my friend (close vali).
I was busy murmuring lovely swears for my equally lovely buddies for not caring to call me up while my brothers were busy with their cellphones, when I got one an hour after the arrival of this year, from Tee (Aartee). I was in no mood for a ‘blast’ (by the way, why is it called so?). Suddenly, in the morning (read: by 12), the Mentos moment! (dimag ki batti jali) and I was all ready for some real revelry. In about 2 hours, me n Ita (Alokita) were at Tee’s place relishing a piece of cake which (good for her) she saved from the midnight’s celebration :P and following it, was some yum IDLIS waiting for us !
 After like properly stuffing our food storage, we opted to put the plan in action. The basic idea was to make some other people’s first day of the new year a happy one! But it took us good 30 minutes to realize the best use of the bucks collected for the cause. 
But what followed was worth it! An hour later we were finally at the gates of a Shelter Home, with a polybag of cookies (Unka toh ho gaya bhai GOOD DAY! :) ) . Andddd! It was a WOW experience! I can’t remember if smile parted my face even for a second, while I met those indeed human and pure beings. For the first time, I had this happy realization that our small visit is much more than a lot to them. Their curved up lips conveyed that joyful feeling. I’ll make sure I meet those happy faces very often. :) 

(Source: Google)

Thank God for that! J

Later, a short span spent with the girls at a nearby Ghat was another merry time of the day, as nothing in my city can be as enthralling as just sitting on the stairs of the bank overlooking Ganges, and at that juncture you feel millions of creative ideas sprouting up in your mind. That’s the magic!

                (Source: Google)
(by: ME)

(Thankyou Tee, Ita and Sur (Surbhi) :) )

And if that wasn’t ‘more’ than enough for a handsome beginning, I got a call from Mum to meet her at a temple (Bula hi liya Bhagwan ne ;) ) and reaching there, I am attended by two of my sweet little cousin sisters! So, back home it had to be a fun time with chocolates, scrumptious dinner, music, dance and what seemed to be a laughing riot. :D

 A Day To Remember’ J J J


P.S.: Psycho, when talking about friends, no doubt I was quite happy after our talk. You were the first and the only one I called (wrong timing though :( ). You owe me this one :P Thankyou too! :)

P.P.S.: for the first time ever in the last 4 months, THANKYOU  BHU, for delaying  the exam scheduled for 3rd Jan.

*by  Alfred Tennyson


  1. That's certainly an amazing beginning to a new year. I love how you and your friends made efforts to bring a smile on others' faces! And woww!! That view is bbeautiful. I'd love to be there, just like you said, sitting on the banks of the river! So.. peaceful, right?

    Happy New Year once again! Have a great year ahead! :D

    1. Happy New Year to you too, yup, once again! :D
      You are "welcome to my city" and no matter how much pollution we battle each day...its still amazing and more so if you reside near one of the banks and I do! ;)

      We loved our effort too :)

  2. That is great :) Great way to start :)

    Happy New Year :)


  3. Wow those photographs look uh-mazing! So quiet and chilled out. Would love to sit on the banks and get lost in my dreams :)!!
    And such a sweeeeet gesture to try to bring a smile on the faces of the unfortunate. Sweet indeed! :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. :) its ever-amazing..the feeling and their smiles...and the ghats! I'll love to be your host ;)