Saturday, December 29, 2012

May YOU Help Me?

Main Pareshaan,  Pareshaan, Pareshaan, Pareshaan……..
The words, not exactly the song, brilliantly describe my current plight. And that is what implored me to pick up my pen while listening to this song this morning. And so here I am, with my pre-exam saga!

Just 4 more (actually less) days, and I’ll be sitting in an unfavorable atmosphere with some alike humans on  climately* chilly day, with few pages containing  an alien script, accompanied with a set of blank sheets with a thousand straight lines, and a pen in my hand meant to write ‘something’ on those lines. In short, I’ll be sitting in the exam hall, probably for writing my first exam in college, and pathetically, the subject(s) and me have been devoid of any possible contact for the past 1 and a little more month!
However, the real topic of concern is that I am utterly clueless as to why the hell am I not feeling even a pinch of the student-factor within me, and more so when there’s hardly anytime left for the inauguration of the concentration camp, with all sorts of the weapons, of the kind I’ve never known. The heavy ones coming from the Economic Family, the just seemingly lighter ones from the Political Family, and a little harmless ones from the family of Psychos’ ! And the worst part is I know no self-defence technique. (Pardon the exaggeration, please.)
What’s kicking my mind constantly is why have I suddenly developed this unnatural liking for programs I won’t watch even if it had Ranbir in the lead!, and even cricket,  for which I bear a since birth dislike! :o Additionally, I recently felt a strong push to read a Chetan Bhagat novel, and more appallingly, to watch a certain “Pyaar Ka Punchnama”. To sum it all up, I am all charged to enjoy every not-so-appealing piece of entertainment, as long as it shields me from studies. And then at the end of day, the moronic brain gets up from her slumber , just to poke me right into the heart with the question “What if I flunk the exams?” O_o (Horrifying no?). Though this lovely thought flings away faster than it comes, it really is disturbing. 

All I want is some really  helping tips to make some space for focus in my head. If someone could take up the deed for my need, I’ll be more than obliged! (After all, You won’t want to be friends with a failure ;) )

*I know no such word exists…but then, it’s my blog ;)


  1. Hahahaha! This is so funny :P
    You know, I bet you'd have gone back to your studies, if only for a little bit after writing this post ;) You're experiencing totally normal student-problem. I'm sure you'd be noticing the varying contours of the walls quite soon! :P But hey, reading Chetan Bhagat? :| Not done!

    Also, college exams aren't like school, so don't worry, just write down all that you know. You'll do well, I'm sure. Good luck! And this is a nice new blog look :D

    1. Hah! You win the bet as I wanted to study once I finished writing this piece in my diary itself :D
      Yeah...Chetan Bhagat
      Thanx for the goodluck :) Your's will be an exception if it works ;) and thnax again! spent a lot of time on the new look :)

  2. Ha ha ha...
    Damn good dear!!
    1st time I m reading some1's blog & sister believe me in our family nobody can write lyk dis.. I appreciate it!! ur words took me to the world of entertainment... and nw u gonna inspire me to write my own blog!!

  3. Thanx a hundred times Bhaiya...glad that you read it, though I forced you to :P
    And the third's a big big compliment! thanx! :)
    Start with know you are good with words. :)

  4. Hilarious !!! :-)
    Agree it's Exaggerated...n so wonderfully done...but bet...the Core is very Pure !!! :-)